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Deleted user January 11, 2021

Hello All,

I just joined the group; looking to collaborate and share learnings on JIRA, specifically on the Advanced Roadmaps which I find very fascinating.  

If there are any experts, I would like to seek your help. 



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John Mustac January 11, 2021

Welcome Reshmi,

I'm sure you will find the Sydney group valuable :) I see you have posted some items so stay tuned.




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Chrissy Clements January 11, 2021

Hey Reshmi, 

I'm not an expert by any means, but I've been dabbling - it's pretty cool!  The advanced roadmap top-level planning view will be our collaboration tool of choice for BRP, and subsequent sprint capacity planning view, well for sprint capacity planning :) 

Let me know how far along you are in your journey and whether I can help.




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Deleted user January 11, 2021

Hey Chrissy,

Glad to hear from you. 

I was looking to have a high level summary at the initiative level (eg: Initiative name, Due date, RAG status, % completion etc.

1. I tried creating a dashboard however, the due date appears only wherever its manually entered in the Advanced roadmaps; but not where the dates were rolling up from EPICs.

2. Also wondering whether there is a way to get the % completion at initiative level auto populate into the Advanced roadmap/plan.

Chrissy Clements January 11, 2021
  1. I'm not 100% certain on this one.  I know you can manually set dates or drag and drop the schedule bar, and I've seen the due date surfaced when the epics are in Sprints - what is your date configuration in the roadmap setting?  Is it the target date or the start date?
    Perhaps this is a question for the wider brains trust :)
  2. Use the progress field in the roadmap.  It will place a progress bar at the initiative level which when clicked pops up a % completed modal. 
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Deleted user January 11, 2021

Hey Chrissy,

I am using start date and due date. Will reach out to the support team. 

Regarding the progress fields, adding the progress (issue count) helps to get a graphical view, however, was wanting to see a % itself against all initiatives, without having to mouse hover, but seems like there is no option. However, for now, this helps. 

Thank you very much, Chrissy. Really appreciate your assistance. 

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