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Scott McKinnon November 29, 2020

Hi all,

I'm the change coordinator on a major project which uses JIRA as the change tool

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David Leonard Gray November 29, 2020

Thank you for responding. What are the Changes that you Coordinate? Are they architectural?

Scott McKinnon November 29, 2020

Hi David,

We use JIRA to track all changes on the project.

EPCM changes of all disciplines (Process/Mechanical/Piping/Architectural/E&I) as well as all Capital cost changes

I find JIRA is a good tool for workflow, but I need to double/triple handle data as there is no interface from JIRA to our costing system (Ecosys)

We also make use of Power BI as a reporting tool as we didn't find JIRA to be user-friendly for reporting.



David Leonard Gray November 30, 2020

Thanks Scott.

Chris Jones November 30, 2020

hi David & Scott, which Jira are you using? We use Jira Service Desk as an internal change request and support system. We also use Jira Software for some development projects. Ideally we would use a blend of Service Desk queues for reactive type change requests and boards for more project type work - all in the same project. Our use case doesn't fall into the unique silos of the Service Desk vs Software models so we have to manage several Jira projects which is confusing for users who span both types.

Good to hear your experience, Chris

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