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OAuth authentication results in "repository not found"

Ivo.Merks April 8, 2020


I have been using sourcetree  (version 3.3.8) with a github repository and git (version 2.26). 
Till now, I have used basic authentication (Tools-> Authentication, Hosting service: github, Host URL: https://www.github,com, Preferred protocol: HTTPS, Authentication: Basic) ) and 
it has worked just fine. 

I would like to move to OAuth Authentication, because Github has sent out the following 

When I do change to OAuth and press "refresh OAuth Token", a new brower tab opens up
with an empty page and it says "Authentication OK" in sourcetree.
However, if I try to pull or push something, it says 
remote: Repository not found.
fatal: repository '  ... ' not found

I have made sure that  I was logged in into github in an open browser tab before pressing the "refresh OAuth Token" , but that did not make a difference. 

In my github account, I do see sourcetree listed under settings->Applications->Authorized OAuth Apps. 


If anybody has any pointers on how to resolve this, I would very much appreciate it.  





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Ivo.Merks November 12, 2020

Ivan from Github support pointed us to the right solution.
All kudos to him.

Ivan Zuzak (GitHub Support)
Nov 11, 2020, 8:18 AM UTC
Hi Ivo,
Thanks for following up. Yeah, I'm not sure how much support we can provide since SourceTree isn't something we built so we can't know how it works or why it doesn't do something correctly.
One thing I see is that the organization you're a member of xxx denied the SourcetreeForWindows integration access to its repositories.
When you said "If I subsequently try to pull or push, it says fatal: repository '" not found." -- were you trying to pull or push to a repository from that organization? If so, then this would explain the issues you're having.
Can you please ask one of the owners of the organization to approve the SourcetreeForWindows application in the organization's settings? Here are some instructions:
Hope this helps.

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Ivo.Merks November 10, 2020

As of November 10th, I am still having this issue now using

- git version
 - sourcetree 3.3.9 

Any pointer would be helpful. 





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Roberto Vieira October 14, 2020

I'm using Sourcetree version 4.0.2 and having the exact same issue for months now:

  • only Basic auth works 🤦‍♂️

Can somebody help getting OAuth to work?

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