Is it legal to use screenshots and logo of Sourcetree in a non-commercial article? Edited

Hello, I'm a college student in Taiwan,

I'm now making a tutorial of Git, and for the sutdents who mostly use GUI instead of CLI, I decided to choose Sourcetree as the UI, this may make them easier to get start.

So I'm wondering is it legal to use screenshots and logo of Sourcetree?  Of course I'll point out that the content of the app and the logo belong to Sourcetree(or Atlassian?), and attach the URL of Sourcetree.

And if so, can I publish the article/the other part of the article under CC licence?


Thanks for answering me and sorry for my poor English.  QAO

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Hi HuaiYu, thanks for writing to us! You can totally use our logo and screenshots of our products, as far you comply with our terms:

Our logos

Atlassian logos are distinctive graphic renditions. You may use the Atlassian logo or product logos in a blog or news article, publication, book or other online or offline medium, or on your website in reference to the respective Atlassian product, without our written consent, provided that the logos are duplicated exactly as shown in the preceding link, and the ® symbol (or the TM symbol, as applicable) attached to the shoulder of the logo as in the attached link is retained. All other usages of the Atlassian logos require the written approval of Atlassian.

You can find more information at  Atlassian Trademark. Let us know if you have any questions!

Have a good day :)


Thanks so much!  I've tried to find the legal page on Sourcetree's website, and it turns out to be on the official website of Atlassian. xD

I read the pages, but I didn't found the logo of Sourcetree.  Can I just screenshot it from the official web and add a TM symbol?

You can take a screenshot, or you can also take it from Logo files (I'm going to report the missing logo in the first page, btw ;) )

Hope that helps!


It does help, thank you so much!

Glad to hear that, have a good day :)

Oh I'm sorry, I didn't know that I have to mark it as accepted answer.

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