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Setting a organization per the reporter email in Automation for Jira

Nir Malchy September 15, 2020

Hello friend!


My name is Nir, and I am running a support team using Automation for Jira s one of the tools.


Often we change a reporter on a ticket.

Is there a way to use Automation for Jira to  do this

I change the 'Reporter' on a ticket.

The 'Organization'  o the tickets is updated according to the 'Reporter.'


Thank you!

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Andrew Bilukha September 16, 2020

If you want to do this using automation, you will have to create as many condition steps, as many organizations you have. What if your user is member of more than one organization -- now the system will be slightly dysfunctional. 

Assuming you need to understand and report on what organizations create work for your teams, or what organizations do the work in JIRA,  I recommend trying a different add-on, Active Directory Attributes Sync

The premise of it that you can create a read-only "Department" field, and sync it from Active Directory.  This way you can automatically register from which department your tickets originate. Or which department ends up resolving the ticket.

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Nir Malchy September 16, 2020

Thank you, Andrew.

You are correct; we have one specific client with multiple users 'under' it. Each one of them is associated with more than one organization.


I tried to save a click, but it seems it will cost me more. I'll let this one go, for now.


I use the AIO for reporting;


Thanks again!

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