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"Copy on click" or "Select on click" plugin or setting

Yevhen Kozlov August 16, 2023

Hi guys.

I have an idea and wondering if there is anything like that(and also I'm wondering if others see this idea usefull).

Especially in JIRA we have some entries which are expected to be selected and copied to perform actions.

  1. URLs on custom schemas(so auto-conversion into `<a>` does not work)
  2. Feature flag key to enabled/disable
  3. File path to check
  4. Log filter to apply(e.g. complex regexp to copy and insert into the target tool)
  5. IDs of any type
  6. etc etc etc

Common feature of them - we never want to copy them partially. But with a need to select manually - and precisely - it becomes repetetive, annoying task, which is probably redundant?

May there be an existing plugin "this block should be copied on click" or "this block should be completely selected on click"? I'd better wrap those segments into custom tags once.

Does it sound like a legit need? May you know existing solution for JIRA Cloud?



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