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Is it possible to open issues to portal customers?

Micko May 5, 2020

Can you open service desk issues to portal customers without using an agent license?

I'd like my customers to see the same view and functionality that Atlassian provide for their customers. The voting ability for issues is my main goal. The basic portal view is too simple.

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Micko May 6, 2020

This is not possible using the Service Desk. You need a license for every external customer to make it behave like this.

The Feedback and Voting plugin can expose all service desk issues but not through the standard Jira interface.

I guess it's back to searching for a suitable alternative. Such a shame to abandon such an amazing suite of products over such a simple feature. All we needed was customer voting ability for issues we choose to make visible. Vote for this feature request from 2015!

Micko May 6, 2020

The feature request has changed to "In progress" since yesterday. I'm going to do a little dance of joy. I'm now a happy Jira camper!

Micko May 6, 2020

The Feedback and Voting plugin supports JQL filters. You can fine tune the scope of available issues.

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Micko May 11, 2020

I've been messing around with Jira permissions for several days. What I've learnt may help allay some confusion to avoid banging more heads against walls.

All I really needed was the view-only access available to anonymous users but secured behind a login. This is not possible. Anonymous means unidentifiable user. As soon as your user is identifiable, you require another license. This was hard for me to grasp and applies to both the Service desk and Jira when exposing issues. My brain simply wouldn't allow anonymous access to trump customer access.

Portal customers can create requests but can't view issues. Anonymous users can view issues but can't create requests. This makes sense when you know it but when you're trying to make either alternative work without realising they won't work, it's mind bending.

Portal customers cannot be configured to view or browse issues outside of their portal. Even a direct link to an issue they created will redirect them to the portal.

The service desk provides the simple portal view for unlicensed customers but that's it. No amount of permission manipulation will alter this. As soon as a portal customer logs in, they lose the anonymous view of issues they just had. They could use incognito mode or a different browser to see both views but that's not a viable workaround.

The only way to grant portal customers a view of issues they didn't create is to add them to an organisation specified in the issue or to add them individually as participants. Unfortunately, you can't use groups as participants or add groups to organisations and their view is a the simplified portal view.

Issue level security can restrict anonymous access for particular issues but this cannot be integrated with portal customers who can't view any issues outside their portal.

I had a lot of trouble with these concepts but it's all based around licensing.

If I'm mistaken on anything, please let me know so we can all learn. The suite is amazing and we'll make it work for our team but the service desk and customer interaction are sadly lacking for our purposes. You won't find public collaboration and voting on feature requests and bugs using server licenses for small teams.

Micko May 11, 2020
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Micko May 11, 2020

I made a decision to expose our Jira Software anonymously for read-only access using issue level security. Not ideal but a good compromise. We'd use the Service desk as it was designed for simple support. Customer collaboration on feature requests and bugs isn't possible with our license so I decided to give up trying to make it work.

In order to allow the logged in customer to view my Jira Software instance, I'd need them to be on separate sub domains. That should work. Start researching. Bam! Not possible! Is it just me? Am I asking too much?

This feature request from 2014 is unresolved. Vote for sub domains.

Make it possible to use service desk in combination with subdomains 

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Micko May 10, 2020

Deleted: Duplicated due to a glitch in the Matrix.

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