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I have been setting up JIRA with plugin JEMH to support non-jira-user in a ticket system. Seems like everything work fine with lokal jira users. Comments etc.. are emailed to the respectives.

But for the extern non-jira-user the only mail received will be the first mail on issue created with ticketnumber as expected.

After that everything else communicated either by mail or from jira are not send/received by the non-jira-user as I supposed it would be. And when non-jira-user replies to the tickect, this reply seem to dissapear out in the blue no users receive this.

Any suggestions on this. I have followed the instructions point by point on using JIRA+JEHM as a support system.

Best regards.

René Jensen

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Hi Andy.

I have tried out the things you sent several times now and result is. Jira Users are getting notified but non jira users are not.

And the issuer cannot comment on the issue ticket, which are the only thing received. Comments and resolves never shows up at the non jira user. Looks lige template sets and issu lisener are not working correctly.

Inside jira/jemh I can see that the custon fileds contain the correct issuer mail addrees. But after creating the ticket nothing else is communicated between issuer and assignee. Only Jira Users get all notifications.

Below You can see my profile from JEMH from my test-server:

This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

<Profile><Configuration><CCHandling>toWatcher,toCustomField</CCHandling><CCHandlingNonJiraUsersCF>Non-Jira-Accountholder</CCHandlingNonJiraUsersCF><GpgConfig><requireEncryption>false</requireEncryption><requireSignature>false</requireSignature><verifyFailAction>reject</verifyFailAction></GpgConfig><addSenderAsWatcher>true</addSenderAsWatcher><assignNonJiraUserEmailCF>Remote Participant Email</assignNonJiraUserEmailCF><assignNonJiraUserNameCF>Remote Participant Name</assignNonJiraUserNameCF><autoFlushMailQueue>false</autoFlushMailQueue><autoJoinGroup>non-jira-user</autoJoinGroup><blacklistSenders>,postmaster@.*</blacklistSenders><bodyDelimiterRegexps>[\n]--[| ][\n],\nFrom:.*\nSent:.*\nTo:.*\nSubject:.*\n</bodyDelimiterRegexps><bodyFormatPreference>any</bodyFormatPreference><bulkHandlingAction>forward</bulkHandlingAction><commentVisibilityForGroups>false</commentVisibilityForGroups><createUsers>false</createUsers><createUsersIDFrom>email</createUsersIDFrom><customEventOnComment>0</customEventOnComment><customEventOnCreate>0</customEventOnCreate><debugPrintEmail>false</debugPrintEmail><directiveProcessingBehaviour>disabled</directiveProcessingBehaviour><dropBlacklistMatches>true</dropBlacklistMatches><dropGreylistSubjectMatches>false</dropGreylistSubjectMatches><eatEmptyBodyLinesMax>2</eatEmptyBodyLinesMax><enableAutoIssueAssignee>false</enableAutoIssueAssignee><EnabledFieldProcessors><FieldProcessor><name>basic</name></FieldProcessor></EnabledFieldProcessors><forceUserIdCase>lower</forceUserIdCase><forwardTmplId>0</forwardTmplId><forwardUser>admin</forwardUser><hideHtmlLinks>false</hideHtmlLinks><hintogramEnabled>false</hintogramEnabled><htmlExtractMethod>standard</htmlExtractMethod><ignoreSubjectIssueKeys>false</ignoreSubjectIssueKeys><indicateActiveProcessor>false</indicateActiveProcessor><indicateSourcedByEmail>true</indicateSourcedByEmail><indicateSourcedByEmailTmpl>0</indicateSourcedByEmailTmpl><issueAttachmentsEnabled>true</issueAttachmentsEnabled><issueCommentLimit>50</issueCommentLimit><issueCommentLimitAction>forward</issueCommentLimitAction><issueCommentMaxKb>4096</issueCommentMaxKb><issueCreatedTmplId>0</issueCreatedTmplId><issueType>Bug</issueType><jemhAddresseeRegexps>.*@*</jemhAddresseeRegexps><label>created-by-jemh</label><mailThreadCheckEnabled>false</mailThreadCheckEnabled><nonJiraIssueFormat>text</nonJiraIssueFormat><notifyUsers>false</notifyUsers><notifyUsersOnIssueCreation>nonjira</notifyUsersOnIssueCreation><overrideUserNotifySelf>false</overrideUserNotifySelf><preValidateCfValues>false</preValidateCfValues><priority>Major</priority><privilegedUser>admin</privilegedUser><project>Support</project><projectAutoAssign>false</projectAutoAssign><reporterOverridesDerived>false</reporterOverridesDerived><reporterUserName>rene</reporterUserName><sourcedByTmplId>0</sourcedByTmplId><strictJiraPermissions>true</strictJiraPermissions><stripQuotes>true</stripQuotes><subjectIssueKeyRegexp>[A-Za-z0-9]*-[0-9]*</subjectIssueKeyRegexp><summary>No summary was provided</summary><updateWithCommentsAreUpd>false</updateWithCommentsAreUpd><useEmailSenderForSecurity>false</useEmailSenderForSecurity><useFirstWordWorkflowName>true</useFirstWordWorkflowName><useGenericEventEnabled>false</useGenericEventEnabled><useSubAddresses>false</useSubAddresses></Configuration><description>Test for non-jira</description><name>Support</name><readiness>0</readiness><revision>0</revision><SystemInfo><appServer>Apache Tomcat</appServer><databaseDriverName>MySQL-AB JDBC Driver</databaseDriverName><databaseDriverVersion>mysql-connector-java-5.1.22 ( Revision: ${bzr.revision-id} )</databaseDriverVersion><databaseLabel>Database JDBC config</databaseLabel><databaseProductVersion>5.1.61-0+squeeze1</databaseProductVersion><databaseType>mysql</databaseType><databaseValue>mysql jdbc:mysql://localhost:3306/jira521?useUnicode=true&characterEncoding=UTF8&sessionVariables=storage_engine=InnoDB</databaseValue><jemhVersion>1.2.76</jemhVersion><jiraVersion>5.2.1</jiraVersion><licenseDescription>JIRA: Evaluation</licenseDescription><maximumUsers>-1</maximumUsers><organisationText>CapMon A/S</organisationText><serverId>BP5N-ZIE4-8LKY-9C16</serverId></SystemInfo></Profile>

Best regards

René Jensen

FYI: I am running the latest versions of both JIRA and JEMH.

Hi Rene,

Answers is great for Q&A but once config files are needed, its best handled in JIRA, could you iplease create an issue over at JEMH Jira (reg required), attaching the XML Profile export, and perhaps an exampl email that can be used to demonstrate required behaviour?

Hi Rene,

OK lets clarify what you mean by non-JIRA users


Are you sure JEMH is handling the mail? Can you trace through the incoming mailbox, through a JEMH Inbound Mail Handler to a JEMH Profile:


If so, the JEMH Audit History will have a copy. If you know the email address of someone external, you can create a JEMH Test Case email rather than get them to send an email to test (this speeds up things a lot):


Have you configured your Profile to store external non-JIRA users email addresses in TEXT custom fields, do they get set whe you run a Test Case there:


Have you enabled and configured the JEMH IssueListener, this is the thing that actually generates the outbound emails. For users without a JIRA account of any kind, there is also security to consider, if your remote users have not been involved in the issue until the time they try to comment, likely they will be filtered out. If you want to allow anonymous users to join in to arbitrary issues just by referring an issue key, you can do so by disabling 'Allow Anonymous Commenting' in the Profile Security section.


I'd hope that something will pop out from that list, but if not, please expand on where youve got to with the above? Also, you could just go and create an issue on JEMH Jira for more 1-1 traffic...

Hi Andy.

thank you for your answer. I will try to go through your suggestions step by step as soon as possible. I think most of it should have been setup during to the guide you send me earlier on, but maybe something slipped.

I will come back to you as soon as I have gone through the steps above.

Best regards.

René Jensen

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