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Tobbe July 5, 2022


I have 2 insight fields showing list of objects from 2 different object types. These object types have a reference attribute to each other.

What I would like is to auto populate second field based on selection of first field but all objects should still be accessible to add manually.


Field1: country 
Field2: language

Field1 lists country objects that has a reference to language objects.

If I select UK in Field1 then English should be selected to Field2 but I should still have access to all language objects if I would like to add more by clicking 'select an object'.

So, Field2 should not be filtered by the selection of Field1 only auto populate from selection.


any idea how to achieve this in DC?



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David Sumlin July 6, 2022

From your question, I'm assuming your Language field is configured for multiple objects.

What I'm thinking is that the "auto populate" functionality you're looking for needs to happen either at:

  1. A workflow post-function (e.g. add the default language object to the field if it's not already chosen)
  2. An automation step (same logic as above)
  3. A behavior

It appears you're looking to "save" the default language into that field, when a Country object is chosen. The only way to get that to happen within the UI (that I can think of) while in edit mode would be a behavior.

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