What is smart value for destinationIssue's project key?

shahmatwu July 27, 2022

I created a Jira Automation rule that is triggered when an issue is linked to an issue in another Jira project. The rule copies various field values from the destination issue (the issue in the other project) into this issue. That all works fine.

Where I am stuck is how to get the value of the destination issue's project key. I have tried {{destinationIssue.projectkey}}, {{destinationIssue.project.key}}, etc. I know that {{destinationIssue.summary}} and {{destinationIssue.description}} work, because I also use those values.

I can't find a list of smart values available for destination issues. Please help!

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shahmatwu July 27, 2022

It appears that {{destinationIssue.project.key}} does work after all. There was something else that was preventing the rule from running properly (though I didn't find out what)

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