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Maria Murphy June 21, 2022

I am using Project Configurator to export a project and import it to a different server on-site.  I am choosing to use the Manual attachments migration mode to keep the export file small and quicker to generate.   The instructions say I will need to "copy the source Attachments in the target before launching a complete import."

Where am I supposed to put these files?

Do I put them in the import/attachments/<PROJKEY> directory, or the data/attachments /<PROJKEY> directory or ?????

I can't find anything on the Project Configurator documentation about this.

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MIN_MWO012 September 27, 2023

Found the answer in this page:


Step-by-step Guide

  1. On the export screen ensure that the Attachment Mode drop-down is set to Manual to generate an export without attachments.
  2. Copy the attachments over to the /tmp directory on the target server using a tool such as SCP or WinSCP. Usually, the attachments are stored in the location of <JiraHomeDirectory>/data/attachments but you will need to check what the attachment directory for your server has been configured to.
  3. On the import screen, specify the path to the copied attachments in the Attachments Path box.

    If you do not see the attachment path box on the import screen then you should ensure you click the Switch to server upload  icon as shown below, and place your import file on the server in order to make this box appear.

  4. Run the import and Project Configurator will copy in the attachments as part of the import process.


After copying the attachments over to the /tmp directory on the target server then you should ensure that their permissions are set to be owned by the same operating system user and group that Jira is running under before running the import.

Barbara Busse December 20, 2023


I think, the instructions above are outdated. There is no "Switch to server upload" icon. So, the default location for uploading attachments is /tmp, right?



Barbara Busse December 20, 2023

We were blind, sorry, instructions work as specified above.


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MIN_MWO012 September 27, 2023

I'm also curious about this.

Did anyone find a solution?

Thank you

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