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Jesper Halden December 1, 2017

How about personal data in attachments? is this handled with this plugin or

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Alex Kaufman _Enhancera_ April 24, 2018

Hi Jesper,

Sorry for late response, this got unnoticed somehow :(

At the moment personal data in attachments is not scanned. We plan to introduce this functionality in future versions, but it will not support all possible attachment types and operations.

Deleted user March 23, 2021

Hi - any update on this - are you now able to scan attachments??

Alex Kaufman _Enhancera_ March 23, 2021

Not yet, but the work is underway, and we hope to have it available soon (no concrete ETA yet).

Tetiana Khenkina _Enhancera_ September 26, 2022

Attachments are scanned now by PII Protector.

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