MIN#children exclude a value unless it is the only child

Justin Siegal September 27, 2022

Hi All!


I have the current column formula:

IF (Issuetype = "CHProject",MIN#children{Arch_Status})


Then I have Arch_Status defined as a formula:

WITH addBackground(value) =
value = "Open"; """{panel:bgColor=#42536E|borderWidth=0px}{color:white}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "In Definition"; """{panel:bgColor=#DEE1E5|borderWidth=0px}{color:42536E}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Ready to Start"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "In Progress"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Ready for Validation"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Validation"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*$value*{color}{panel}""";
value = "Accepted"; """{panel:bgColor=#E3FCEF|borderWidth=0px}{color:006644}*$value*{color}{panel}"""
value = "Cancelled"; """{panel:bgColor=#E3FCEF|borderWidth=0px}{color:006644}*$value*{color}{panel}"""
IF JQL {issuetype=Capability AND cf[25396] in ("Team1","Team2","Team3")}:


Now, Cancelled is considered the MIN state, but what I want to show is Cancelled if:

 1. There is only one capability (for Team1, Team2, or Team3) under the project and it is Cancelled   


2. All capabilities under the project (for Team1, Team2, or Team3) are in the cancelled status.


If there are capabilities (for Team1, Team2, or Team3)  that are in cancelled but there are others that are not cancelled, I want the MIN status of the capabilities that are NOT cancelled.

Is there anyone out there that would know how I would set this up to accomplish the above?

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Justin Siegal October 3, 2022

After some fooling around, I figured this out, posting for anyone else who might have a similar problem.

Parent formula:

WITH addColor(value) =
value = "1"; """{panel:bgColor=#42536E|borderWidth=0px}{color:white}*Open{color}{panel}""";
value = "2"; """{panel:bgColor=#DEE1E5|borderWidth=0px}{color:42536E}*In Definition*{color}{panel}""";
value = "3"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*Ready to Start*{color}{panel}""";
value = "4"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*In Progress*{color}{panel}""";
value = "5"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*Ready for Validation*{color}{panel}""";
value = "6"; """{panel:bgColor=#DDECFF|borderWidth=0px}{color:0847A6}*Validation*{color}{panel}""";
value = "7"; """{panel:bgColor=#E3FCEF|borderWidth=0px}{color:006644}*Accepted*{color}{panel}""";
value = "8"; """{panel:bgColor=#E3FCEF|borderWidth=0px}{color:006644}*$Cancelled*{color}{panel}"""
value=0; """{color:red}NO DP Tickets{color}"""
IF (Issuetype = "CHProject",addColor(MIN#children{DP_Status}))


DP_Status Formula:


IF JQL {issuetype=Capability AND cf[25396] in ("Team1","Team2","Team3")}: 

status = "Open"; 1;
status = "In Definition"; 2;
status = "Ready to Start"; 3;
status = "In Progress"; 4;
status = "Ready for Validation"; 5;
status = "Validation"; 6;
status = "Accepted"; 7;
status = "Cancelled"; 8;

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