How to configure inserter for tasks by JQL, but not already in structure by any other extenders?

Hubbitus February 16, 2023


Said I have next structure and configuration:
Structure global automations:
Extend Epics with Stories
Add sub-tasks
And let it be, it looks like:
Folder: "New (Unsorted)" with Inserter JQL: (project = DATA or labels = DATA)
ISSUE-2 (added by inserter)
Folder: Track1
ISSUE-2 (shown as sub-task by automation)
Folder: Track2

How if sub-task ISSUE-2 has said label `DATA`, it appeared in folder `New (Unsorted)` too. How I may achieve appearance in folder `New (Unsorted)` only issues which are not in my structure yet?
I would like then place it in desired folder.
I have played a bit with structure() JQL function, but it looks like it does not work correctly in inserter automation (really there some sort of recursion happened).
In general, my usage flow: `New (Unsorted)` - is the folder where automatically appeared tasks, which will be then sorted to another folders. I would like to have here newly created tasks, matched by filter, if they are not already in structure yet!
In my initial example it will look ugly like:
Folder: "New (Unsorted)" with Inserter JQL: (project = DATA or labels = DATA)
Folder: Track1
ISSUE-2 (shown as sub-task by automation)
ISSUE-2 (added by inserter)

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David Niro
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February 28, 2023

Hello @Hubbitus ,

It sounds like you have a hierarchy of Epic > Task > Sub-Task.  Could you please clarify if Issue 2 is a Task, or Sub-Task?  I expect it is a Task, but would help to be sure.

If I do have it right, for your "New(unsorted)" folder, you can modify the JQL to include 

"Epic Link" is EMPTY

You may also want to consider using Group Generators rather than Folders to build your hierarchy.  This will depend on what your goal is and what fields are available that correlate to your grouping.

I hope this helps.


Hubbitus March 2, 2023

Hello, @David Niro Thanks for the reply.

Sure, I have hierarchy Epic > Task > Sub-Task, but not solely!

I also use links.

For now, it looks like:

  • Add issues belonging to epics
  • Add sub-tasks
  • Add issues linked by Incorporates: parent is incorporated by children
  • Add issues linked by Parent: parent is parent of children
  • Add issues linked by Blocks: parent is blocked by children
  • Remove Inserter/Extender Duplicates


> If I do have it right, for your "New(unsorted)" folder, you can modify the JQL to include

In fact, that is more complex now already:

(project = DATA OR labels = DATA) AND (type = EPIC OR type != EPIC AND issueFunction not in issuesInEpics("project = DATA OR labels = DATA")) AND (type not in subTaskIssueTypes() OR issueFunction not in subtasksOf("project = DATA OR labels = DATA"))

And became more complex and complex... In any case, that is fragile and not completely correct and hardly maintainable.


Off course, I am aware about groups generators and use it in some other places, but there I would like to use manual sorting because of many tasks and several development tracks.

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