How can I reset the Remaining Estimate when a Task is already closed

Fabian Schmitz July 12, 2023

We recently added Big Picture and started to plan our Sprints with it, but now face the Problem with our existing issues and issues assigned old employees. Some of these Issues are marked as Done or Canceled but still have a value in "Remaining Estimate". This results in all of these Tasks being changed and scheduled to the current day. When I try to set the "Remaining Estimate" it to 0, BigPicture automatically resets it to the previous Value, which mostly is "Original Estimate" - "Time spend".

What Setting do I need to change so that I have no more Remaining Estimate for Tasks that are Done or Canceled? Or more broad: How can I cleanup all the old Issues in our Projects? Preferably not manually as there are quite a few.


What I already did is: In the workflow Settings I added the "Post Function" to clear the "Remaining Estimate" when the issue is closed. But this is also overridden by BigPicture and does not help with all the old Issues that are already in that Status. 

I'm not sure if this is relevant but we have the "End date" Field mapped to "Time Spent + Remaining Estimate" and "One-way sync end date field" is mapped to " - Not Synchronized - "

We are using the "Agile Project" Type and "Sprint" for the Boxes.

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