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Matti Larborn May 15, 2023

Is there a way to create custom sets of quick transformations? I have a structure that has a number of quick transformations for different use cases. E.g. for a roadmap I want to group quick transformations A, G, U. For a PI planning view I want to group A, B and K. It seems that A can only belong to one group, so it seems that I cannot create sets of transformations for different use cases. Am I correct in my observation or is there a way to allow one Quick transformation to be part of more than one transformation group?

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David Niro
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May 17, 2023

Hi @Matti Larborn !

You're correct that once you add a transformation to a Group, it is no longer available to be added to a different group.

That being said, you can create the transformation again and add it to the other group.

Hope this helps!


Matti Larborn May 17, 2023

It would have been great if the groups would be sets instead, then I did not have to have duplicates of the transformations, but I have seen that this could be an option. Having multiple instances of the transitions in different groups makes the maintenance of those transformations more time consuming and error prone, as I need to change all of them and not forget any single of them. That is why sets of transformations would have been better.

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