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Why is repurposing a must for marketers?

“Write less, promote more”. This is the new mantra marketers follow these days. We know that in order to create valuable content, a significant investment of time and effort is required. To be in the market space you tend to consistently publish blogs on your website and you see positive results in terms of organic traffic, rankings and customer acquisition. Just publishing content regularly won't suffice. You need to evaluate and find out what more we can do with these metrics we accomplished. Repurposing content is one of the best skills you can add to your arsenal.

But what is content repurposing? Here is the answer. It is a powerful strategy that allows you to maximize the impact of each piece of content you create. It comprises transforming your original content pieces into various formats to reach a wider audience. By repurposing your content, you can breathe new life into existing topics, attract new eyeballs and amplify your brand’s reach.

Here are some reasons why you should consider repurposing your content:-

1. You can reach new audiences-By converting your existing content into different formats like videos, infographics, podcast bites, infographics, presentations etc. you can cater to different preferences and capture the attention of varied audiences. This expansion of content formats allows you to tap into new platforms where your target audience might be present.

2. Be Omnipresent- When people follow you on different platforms and resonate with your message, they are likely to engage with your content everywhere they see it. This consistent presence can significantly enhance brand awareness and loyalty.

3. Easily Shareable Content-Repurposed content in the form of visuals, short videos, e-books, ppts and infographics are easily shareable. This can ultimately lead to increase in visibility and engagement across varied platforms.

4. Addon to SEO Efforts-Repurposing content can positively impact your SEO. When you repurpose and promote your content in other formats across the web, you increase the chances of acquiring backlinks from relevant websites. This can lead to improved search engine rankings and generate additional organic traffic.

Our experience with Content Repurposing- 

At Amoeboids, we had some content that was already performing well in terms of traffic. We decided to repurpose this content to reap maximum value. There were multiple factors that we analyzed closely before we actually repurposed. Here’s are some things we considered:-

Analyzed and reviewed our evergreen content

We started by identifying our evergreen content, pieces that remain relevant and valuable to our target personas over a longer period. Repurposing evergreen pieces also gave us a chance to refresh those articles with the latest insights and best practices. For example, we updated one of our popular blogs 50 Release Notes examples ensuring it remained current and valuable. Since it had interesting insights in order to be handy for the reader we converted it into an e-book too. Thus the pdf version was also made available for the users.

Reuse top-performing content

We looked at our website google analytics report to identify top-performing blog posts/pages based on organic traffic, rankings, time on page, and conversions. One such example was this page-Release management with Jira & Confluence. Repurposing this high-performing page allowed us to capitalize on the success and extend their reach. We converted some of these posts into videos, e-books and social media graphics.

Utilizing Trendy Content

Some of our articles on trending topics, we reformatted them into visual content such as short-form videos and social media graphics to tap into ongoing interest. By reformatting  these trendy posts into different formats, we could attract the readers and gain popularity seamlessly.


The process of content repurposing is not just about recycling old material; it’s a strategic approach to maximize the impact of your existing content and amplify its reach to achieve greater marketing success. While the idea is simple, repurposing and distributing content takes a lot of time and conscious effort. However, it helps you get benefits too such as more traffic, better SEO and increase in the content engagement. In the end it's worth the investment. Now that you know about the benefits of repurposing the content, what are you planning to do first? Are you going to slice up some webinars to turn them into videos? Or, is an e-book tickling your fancy? Let me know in the comments.



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Dilara Erecek _Avisi Apps_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 24, 2024

Absolutely, I love this approach. When you have a great idea worth sharing, it naturally becomes great content. Sharing it with purpose is key. Once you have the content, it can be adapted into short videos, LinkedIn posts, or speaking engagements.

I believe that having a meaningful idea is 80% of the work. The rest is about delivering it effectively through writing, recording, or speaking. Repurposing ensures your message reaches a wider audience and has a lasting impact!

Mithila _Amoeboids Technologies_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 24, 2024
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