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Refined is looking for a Senior Fullstack Developer (Malmö Sweden - Hybrid)

Chloe Nauta
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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April 30, 2024

Transform your career as a Senior Fullstack Engineer: Lead change and find balance


Location: Sweden, Malmö

Do you thrive in roles where your influence can redefine how B2B SaaS products evolve and improve? Are you passionate about shaping the future of tech – but at the same time, eager to make a shift in your work life for something more peaceful?

At Refined, we're in search of a Senior Fullstack Engineer who seeks more than just a new job – you're looking for a significant change in your work environment. We aim for ambitious goals with a focus on high quality and sustainable pace over rapid outputs.


This opportunity comes at an important moment as we start an exciting new phase with reorganized teams and an innovative product roadmap. Are you ready to be one of the technical leaders in this transformation, driving our flagship Sierra product into its next chapter, and making a mark on our ways of working?

If this sparks your interest, keep reading!

The role

In this role, you'll have the unique opportunity to directly shape the way our customers interact with Confluence, crafting features that enhance and personalize the end-user experience. Your contributions will resonate across a global B2B audience, touching lives in everything from startups to vast multinational corporations. Read more about our products here>>

This role places you at the heart of one of our agile, cross-functional teams dedicated to one of our flagship products, internally called Sierra. With our recent strategic team restructuring, your timing is perfect to make a profound impact. You'll find yourself in an environment where you contribute to pivotal decisions about our tech stack and product roadmap.

We're reimagining how our technology can remain resilient and innovative. At Refined, we champion the quality of our work as much as the innovation it brings. We believe in setting realistic goals, valuing the craftsmanship of our software, and releasing features when they meet our high standards, not rushing them out the door.

In our technology landscape, we leverage the full potential of JavaScript, with Vue.js powering our front-end experiences and Node.js underpinning our back-end services. Our architecture includes REST API endpoints for seamless integration and communication, all supported by a robust Postgres database.

What does your success in the role look like during the first year?


After 30 days:

  • Integrated into the team, understanding our processes, ways of working, communication channels, and individual responsibilities.

  • Gained familiarity with navigating the main components of the code and completed 1-2 initial onboarding tasks.

  • Got a solid understanding of the team's current projects and goals.


After 90 days:

  • Developed a comprehensive grasp of the codebase, confidently navigating and modifying it.

  • Taken ownership of and effectively executed medium-sized development tasks.

  • Began actively participating in daily team activities, including code reviews, technical discussions, and planning for new initiatives.


After 360 days:

  • You’re seen as a key source of technical guidance within the team, having led or significantly contributed to multiple major projects or features.

  • Taken on leadership roles, mentored junior engineers, and engaged actively in strategic planning and decision-making.

  • Built strong connections with other teams, enhancing collaboration and facilitating knowledge-sharing across the organization.


A word about our ways of working in the development teams


“Our streamlined and agile operations create a stable, stress-free product environment, fostering a truly distinctive work culture”, as described by the Engineering Manager, and your future team lead Ziad.

We stick to agile practices to support a team-focused way of working. Having a dedicated Test Automation Engineer means we can always count on our work being high-quality and smoothly integrated from start to finish.

Our release cycle is all about being agile. It's not something out of the ordinary, but it's what many aim for – and we've made it work really well. We like to get things out fast, releasing almost every day, so that anything that's ready goes live right away. But, we don't rush things at the cost of quality. Instead, we take extra time to make sure everything is just right.

Our name "Refined" really shows what we're all about. We put quality first, making sure every release is up to our high standards, without rushing – making our environment stress-free.


Why join Refined?


We believe our culture and work environment are the biggest reasons why you'd want to join us. We're committed to making work fit around your life, celebrating every success, embracing diversity in all its forms, and fostering personal and professional growth at every turn.

At Refined, you're joining a mission to craft high-quality, user-centric software, grounded in Scandinavian engineering principles that prioritize stability and meaningful innovation over fleeting trends. With a diverse team of people from 23 different nationalities across our Malmö and Helsinki offices, we offer a multicultural, inclusive environment where every voice matters and every contribution is valued.

We're committed to being good corporate citizens, proud of our gender-balanced tech team and our pledge to support vital causes. Our approach to development is collaborative and quality-focused, offering you the freedom to explore and innovate within a flat hierarchy.

Discover more about our unique culture and what our people say about working with us>>

Practicalities, benefits and salary

  • Work-life balance is built into how we operate, giving you the flexibility to enjoy life outside of work. We have flextime, flexible working hours and generous policies for new parents.

  • The salary in this role ranges between 52–64 SEK depending on your know-how. This role would be based in our Malmö office. The rest of the team is located in Malmö and Helsinki, and we also have people in Brazil, New York, Croatia, The Netherlands and Portugal.

  • Our work is built to be remote: alongside building strong in-person collaboration, our flexible work-from-home policy means that teams agree together how often to come into the office (usually 2-3 days a week).

  • Twice a year we gather as a whole company to build in-person relationships.

  • Find the full list of benefits here>>

Interested? Here’s what to do next:


First, let's explore if you're the perfect fit for the role:

  1. Senior-level experience (5+ years): You must have relevant experience as a full-stack developer, adept in both frontend and backend aspects of development. This expertise not only ensures a comprehensive understanding of the entire development process but also includes a focus on meeting Non-Functional Requirements (NFRs) as part of the delivery.

  2. Curiosity and perspective: Beyond just filling knowledge gaps, you possess a natural curiosity that drives you to ask questions and challenge existing methods. Your ability to bring different perspectives, based on your experiences, contributes to innovative problem-solving and exploratory thinking, especially when addressing customer queries or urgent issues.

  3. Leadership and communication: You demonstrate basic leadership skills, capable of leading a team and having a significant influence on the product's direction. Strong communication skills are essential, enabling you to articulate ideas clearly, mentor others, and contribute positively to team dynamics.

  4. Team player with soft skills: Humility, adaptability, and a team-oriented mindset are key. You excel in structured thinking and showcase strong problem-solving abilities, which are critical in navigating complex challenges collaboratively.

  5. Technical proficiency: Your technical skill set includes proficiency in JavaScript-based front-end frameworks (React, Vue.js), Node.js, relational databases (particularly PostgreSQL), and working with REST APIs. A commitment to code quality, security, and performance aligns with our standards.


Does this sound like you? We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us and learn more about joining our team. If you don’t have any further questions at this point, apply by May 12, 2024 by leaving your application through this page.

If you’re thinking of applying – we encourage you to do so sooner rather than later, as we will start going through the applications as they come in, and we’re looking to fill this role as soon as we find a mutual fit.

What to expect after sending in your application?

  • Our tech recruiter Sami will be your first point of contact, and will keep you up to date on the process. Should you have any questions, feel free to reach out to Sami at

  • During the process, you’ll first have an intro call, and after that, you’ll get to meet the team in two separate discussions.

  • Finally, after the discussions, we’ll make you a job offer.

  • Welcome to Refined – we are looking forward to working with you!


We started Refined in 2009 with a simple idea: Enterprise software doesn’t have to be boring. Since then, Refined has evolved from a handy theming tool into a full-fledged site builder, helping more than 5,000 companies worldwide transform their Atlassian Confluence and Jira instances into beautiful, branded sites users love.



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