Need support for choosing the right product.

Moazzem Hossain March 12, 2024

Dear Community,


Hope this message finds you well.


I would like to ask your kind favor for choosing the appropriate product. Extremely sorry to say, I'm a new user and don't have experience. So, if you can take initiative in this regard that will be highly appreciated.


Best Regards,


Moazzem Hossain



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Susanna Babayan March 12, 2024

Hi! do you already know what you're going to use it for or no idea?

Selena Cummock March 12, 2024

Hi, Moazzem, :)

A few initial questions:

Who is your target or main user? What department do they work for? What are they looking to use it for?

Mikael Helldén March 12, 2024

As @Selena Cummock and @Susanna Babayan already said, we first need to know what you need it for. Then a lot of other questions will follow, like what are your requirements on security and legal compliance? Is cloud hosting an option - or even a requirement? What’s your budget? How experienced are the users? Do you need things like scrum boards?

Without knowing the answers to the above questions, I’d say that one way to get started is to create a free Trello board. If you find that Trello is enough for your needs, upgrade to a paid version. When you grow out of Trello, look into Jira Work Management. By the time you know enough to feel that even Jira Work Management is not enough for your needs, then you’ll probably have a good enough understanding of the platform to see what it is that you really need. 

But give us some use cases and we’ll guide you. 👍😃

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Stephen_Lugton March 13, 2024

On top of the other questions, are you wanting to track goals and communicate updates, or are you looking at product discovery with idea generation, impact scoring, requirements gathering, high level planning etc., or are you looking for something that will help you track delivery of your work with granular level planning, or how about supporting products in service such as through incident and change management?

There are different tools and processes for each of these areas, and you can grow from using one to using others as your experience and needs change.

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