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How to reuse data/evidence for other ideas and projects?

Brad Bazemore July 28, 2021

How can we think about creating a "research library"? We can add data and supporting evidence to ideas but how could this be used again by other ideas in a project or access projects? Allow PMs to share learnings.



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Chris Timmer August 2, 2021

It sounds like Confluence.

Brad Bazemore August 2, 2021

I am thinking more of a searchable database that is a bit more intentional than confluence

Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
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August 9, 2021

Great question. We haven't yet built specific views so you can work with the data points you add to ideas, independently from the ideas. 

I don't think Jira Product Discovery will become a "research library" - we actually looked at this in details when assessing the opportunity and it wasn't quite the same job. Instead, we want to help you attach "insights" from apps like research libraries, support tools, sales tools to product ideas, and then use those to prioritize and communicate product plans. 

However we want to help you reuse this data: 

  • Today you can already copy data points between ideas, in the same project or in different projects:Screenshot 2021-08-09 at 12.21.58.png
  • Later we plan to create specific views so you can look at the data across ideas in a project so you don't only see it via the lens of an idea - and export this data to apps like Mural/Miro (whiteboarding)

In terms of building a research library you could have a look at Dovetail, the app was created by ex-Atlassians.

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nwatson February 1, 2022

Big fan of Dovetail!

Currently working through what this workflow might look like in our team… 

  1. Capture data and research in dovetail
  2. Synthesise in dovetail 
  3. Create insights that are more refined for broader team consumption in dovetail
  4. Create new “Ideas” or link these insights to existing ideas in JPD

So using dovetail published insights, and appropriate permissions, as our team grows they can link into dovetail from JDP and search what they need!

I’m also very careful to set up my dovetail projects and tagging taxonomy to components/features, as well as referencing dovetail project links and Jira project links across Jira/Dovetail/Figma/Confluence/Miro/Zeplin… just in case I’m hit by a bus and someone needs to make sense of the madness 😅

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