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Export ideas and descriptions

Monica Arun Kumar March 25, 2024

Hi There,

I explored my project board in JPD to see if I can export ideas and description (overview) to excel or pdf or word. 
I tried to use the export as csv function (top left on my current view). It exports only the ideas into excel ( does not consider the description/ overview). I have spent reasonable time investigating this. Struggling to figure out, how to go about this. This is high priority work for me to be export all the data in my JPD board and send it to our stakeholder ASAP.

I am a creator to this board. I have admin access to this project and am also the lead.

Please assist.


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Pieter Helsen March 26, 2024


You should be able to export all ideas and the descriptions using the Issue Navigator.

Click on Filters > All issues in the top navigation bar. 

Then enter the following query in the search:

project = YOUR-PROJECT-KEY order by created ASC

Then, to the right of the screen, click on 'Columns' and select the columns you want to export.

Finally, click on the 'Open in Microsoft Excel' button at the top. Or alternatively, click on 'Export', but that tends to get messy when you export to a CSV.

Screenshot 2024-03-26 095121.png

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Monica Arun Kumar March 26, 2024

Excellent. Thank you very much for your valuable response. 
That works. However, it has exported superfluous text too for e.g, *H4 .... I wouldn't want the font style to be exported. It needs manual intervention now.

I will surely need to spend sometime to investigate export functionality in JPD. Will do it soon. 

Pieter Helsen March 27, 2024

I would think your best option to handle that is directly in Excel. Create a new column which will contain a REGEX formula that strips all markdown formatting. 

This stack overflow entry shows you how to do this with HTML characters. You would need to ask a developer with knowledge of REGEX to adjust this formula to markdown. 

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