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Jira Pop up window in excel

valentinxxxx September 13, 2022


How do i remove the JIRA pop up window ?

its extremely frustrating.


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Christian Happel September 13, 2022

See here how to remove it:
Dissable Jira Excel Plugin (

valentinxxxx September 15, 2022

Thanks @Christian Happel  but this ad-in has been installed by my pc admin, i cannot remove it via the described by you way, i need this ad-in removed from my profile, if you don't know how this can be done, i'd kindly ask for contacts for the respective ad-in support.

Christian Happel September 15, 2022

I would assume you will need to ask your admin about that then.

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gfbenedi August 28, 2023

Another way around this is to save the file as an Excel 97-2003 document when you are sharing with those you do not want to see the pane and it also greys out the Jira Cloud option in the ribbon as well

Jira Cloud.PNG

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Christian Happel September 13, 2022

I don't think this question belongs into this group, but anyhow:

When exactly do you get annoyed when that sidecar opens?

For example, if I close it via the X and open a new empty spreadsheet it isn't opened by default.

It only opens when I open a sheet in an Excel file that has Jira data in it - which in my opinion is good, because then I can refresh the data right away, for example.

valentinxxxx September 13, 2022

It opens only for one specific spreadsheet, no matter how many times i close the window, it opens again as soon as i re-open the spreadsheet,

I am having this ad in since recently, never used it, not even logged in in my "jira cloud"

So all i'm trying to do is get rid of this window as i don't see any point in this window opening every single time, even if i had jira data.,

So please let me know of a solution of removing this side window, i'd be extremely grateful!

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