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Jira Automation: Transition and Idea through workflow when a Checkbox is ticked

Hannah Garvin May 19, 2023

I am really struggling to set up an automation in my Product Discovery workflow that is based on a checkbox being ticked.


I thought I had managed this but the rule I created bizarrely moves my ticket 'back' to the previous stage in the workflow even though you can't go backward from the current status.

Please help.

What I have set up:

> When value changes for:

     Field to monitor for changes = Acceptance Criteria (this is my Checkbox)

     Change Type = Value Added

> Then Transition issue to: 'Estimate Ready'

(this is the next step on in my workflow from a previous status of 'Design, API & AC Ready?'  When I tick the Acceptance Ready checkbox it moves back to 'Discovery' which was the previous step before 'Design, API & AC Ready?' and this status will only allow you to move forward in the workflow not backward so I'm struggling to understand what and why this is happening


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Abby Kiesling May 19, 2023

Hey!  I'm no expert, but I did have this exact issue.  To confirm, your checkbox is just a box that you either have blank or checked right?  This isn't a drop down with multi-select check boxes?  If it's a single box that's either checked or not, here's what I did:

If a go-to-market plan is required, the PM checks the GTM Plan Required checkbox.  When that ticket is then transitioned to Selected for Development, my automation emails the Product Marketing team to give them a heads up. 

Screenshot 2023-05-19 at 9.40.14 AM.png


So for yours, I would select JQL, then do "Acceptance Criteria" = 1, meaning it's checked.  If it = 0 it's not checked. 

Hannah Garvin May 23, 2023

Thank you @Abby Kiesling this has definitely helped

The interesting thing is this works for some tickets but not for all (I think there is a bug in Jira discovery as I experienced similar on another rule I had created where some Ideas change and others don't and the variables are all the same).  Getting closer though, thanks to the help you have provided.  

Thanks again

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Abby Kiesling May 23, 2023

How strange!  Hopefully it gets worked out!  

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