How Impact Score works in Jira Product Discovery ?

Santhosh March 7, 2024

I'm not able to understand the formula how it works in Jira Product Discovery.

Please help in calculation using numbers,

Not able to understand some term Normalize,
Formula: Normalize ( Normalize ( Positive1 ) * weightP1 +  ...  + Normalize ( PositiveX ) * weightPX)

Just give me calculation please, 

For Example
Updated the Impact Score fields
Impact - 40
Effort - 40
Goal - 20

Now I have updated one Idea
Impact - 3/5,
Effort - 1/5,
Goal - 2/5 and each has a weightage of 1 ?

What would be the impact Score ?

Explain me in steps using this numbers and it will be useful ?

@John Funk 
@Jack Brickey 

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Denis Paul March 7, 2024

You cannot tell the score of a single item as this is a relative measurement compared to other ideas

see this support article 

What is normalization?
Normalization is an operation over the field values across all ideas:

0 is the lower value, or we use the lower one if there is a negative value. 

The highest field value is 100.

All values are then plotted based on their relative value between those two. 


Idea 1 has rating 4/5 results in impact 100

Idea 2 has rating 3/5 results in impact 75

Idea 3 has rating 1/5 results in impact 25

And this will change as soon as you add another idea!

Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
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March 7, 2024

Yep, that's how it works! This is a default field we included in the default project configuration, but you can create your own formula field, or change the configuration of this one, if you don't like how it works. 


E.g. if you'd rather have an absolute number (vs a relative one) you can create a formula of type "write your own" (Fields > Create a field > Formula field). And there you can do things like Impact / Effort.

Santhosh March 11, 2024

I mean I was asking like a sample mathematical calculations example.
So it would be very helpful for me and I'll try to make some new formula based on your ideas, Weightage like that.

@Tanguy Crusson  @Denis Paul 

I want to know how it calculates and If i can have a manual, I will be working based on that.

But thanks for the article @Denis Paul 

Denis Paul March 11, 2024

As far as I understand your question the formula could be 

Impact + Goal
----------------  = Score

So the score from your example is (3+2) / 1 = 5


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John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
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March 7, 2024

Hi Santhosh - sorry but I am I not user of Jira Product Discovery, so not sure how the calculations happen. 

Santhosh March 11, 2024

Sorry @John Funk .

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