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Group-by headings scroll off the screen.

Seth Mason May 17, 2022

If I have a list, and I Group By some field AND I scroll the table to the right (where Key and Summary column/fields are fixed), the "Group by" parent scrolls off the screen.  For example:

If I group by "Team"


> Team 1

-Key 1 | Summary 1 .... <lots more columns/fields>

-Key 2 | Summary 2


> Team 2

  -Key 3 | Summary 3

  -Key 4 | Summary 4


If I then scroll to the right so that I can see more columns/fields, Key and Summary stay, but I end up just seeing:


-Key 1 | Summary 1 |.... <last few columns>

But the "> Team 1" text has scrolled off the screen to the left.

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Tanguy Crusson
Atlassian Team
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May 18, 2022

Hi @Seth Mason thanks! Yep we have a follow-up task on the "group by" to address that in list views. It already works in board views.

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Minesh Patel May 17, 2022

I don't know what your intent is but it sounds like you want to see what Team 1 is doing so you can filter for that view the details.


But if your intent is to compare team 1 and team 2, you can use group by and if you color-code each team, you will see their corresponding color to the extreme left of each row a vertical bar that has the same color as the team. So, theoretically, you don't even have to display the team column.

Minesh Patel May 17, 2022

As to the scrolling, I prefer it stays like that, so that the summary is always there, like in Excel you freeze the columns to always show.

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