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Tanguy on leave - back August 9, but don't you worry Sara&team are here to help!

Hi everyone, 

Sorry for the spam today! Just a quick note that I'll be on vacation for 2 weeks starting tonight - a lot of family time and resting, and a bit of that.

@Sara Dubuque and the rest of the Jira Product Discovery team will be here to help you and discuss your ideas.

I just wanted to say that it's been an amazing experience so far to get to work on an opportunity like this with y'all - the team and I are very thankful for all the feedback and discussions to date. We're learning a lot every day and we hope we can return the favour with a great product that makes your life better as product managers. 





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Erin Mihalik July 22, 2021

@Tanguy Crusson That's awesome!!! There was a episode of a Netflix series called "Home Game" about freediving.  You are a brave soul.

Colin Goudie July 22, 2021

Have a great break mate! I'm sure you'll be back with a bunch of ideas to impress us :)

Hopefully the weather is great there too

EDIT: That free diving is insane !!

Brad Bazemore July 27, 2021

Holy crap you free dive! That is so cool!

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