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Parent work item’s status changes upon children’s statuses updates

The behavior described in this document is foundational to Jira Align, hence it can be noticed in both Standard and Enterprise editions, and it can’t be altered, regardless of having an active Jira Connector.


We aim to explain the Jira Align behavior where a parent's work item status changes automatically once any of its children's status is changed from 0-Pending Approval to
2-In Progress (or any status after).


Imagine you have the following scenario: A feature (e.g. Feature #1), linked to several stories (children work items).
All of them, including Feature #1, are in 0-Pending Approval state; so, in other words, no work has been started yet.

Once you move any story from 0-Pending Approval to 2-In Progress (or any status after), Jira Align triggers a status update that will change the parent work item status to
2-In Progress as well.


Since stories are considered small pieces of work of a feature, Jira Align understands that if you started a story, you started part of the whole planned workload (the feature), hence updating the parent work item’s status to reflect that the work has been initiated.


  • The same happens with tasks and stories, and features and capabilities/epics.

  • This behavior works in chain reaction, updating the parent's status all the way up to
    2-In Progress (if they aren’t already in this state) from tasks to Epics




Alexis Gutierrez November 8, 2022

Is there a step by step guide on how to have this added to a project?

Thank you,

Georgi Gogichev June 27, 2023

@Victor Fragosodid I understand it correctly that the chain ends at epic level? Did something change with the latest releases?

It seems that we have the same "issue" on change vision level.



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