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Government experiences

ROBERTO SALAS L April 22, 2020

Hi, I am Roberto Salas from Chile, I am a public sector purchasing consultant, I am new to Atlassian tools and I would like to know if someone can briefly share their experience with Atlassian tools and government

I greet you very sincerely

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Chaitanya Srinadhu April 23, 2020

Hey Roberto,

Welcome to the group! Is there any specific area you are looking for information on?

Jira software , Service desk, confluence and Trello have been around in government space for very long. In our experience we have seen governments across federal, state and local use these tools for various mission critical functions like citizen engagement, program management,  maintaining Organization wide wiki and for seeking public comments over new legislature and policies.

Let us know if you have any specific questions! Thanks 


ROBERTO SALAS L April 28, 2020

Hi Chaitanya thank you very much for responding.
As I said, I would like someone to give me some document that exemplifies the use of their products in government purchases. I would like to know if they are used to manage the steps of the purchase process. I was very impressed with the simplicity and effectiveness of Trello but I don't know of any of its other products. I intend to propose a project for the management of the purchase process where several actors participate. I thank you again

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