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how to stop crucible from sending emails by default

Hello everyone,


I have a question regarding the email notifications in crucible. At the Moment crucible sends Emails to all review participants for about everythin. (Every comment, finding, new review, closed review etc.)


I would like to set it up so that by default no one gets any emails or only for new review assignments.


In my profile settings I have deactivated all email notifications but still get some emails from crucible.


Any suggestions?

2 answers

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Not that I've found.

I strongly suggest my users set their Profile Settings to the below so that they get emails when they have an action. I gave them a write-up explaining the settings I suggest they use and why.  After that it's up to them.  When they complain, I ask them if they've read the write-up and configured their profile settings.  Inevitably the complainers haven't done so, and those who've read it finally understand their options and configure their profile they way they prefer.  My write-up is below and matches our process.  Your process may be different.




I recommend you pick the settings that make it easiest for you to know when you have a task on an active review.  Settings can be changed easily as needed.

As a Reviewer, I prefer the settings shown:  nothing happens when someone adds a defect, but if a revision is added to the review I'm Uncompleted.  Since I'm not required by process to do anything as a Reviewer when a new defect is raised by someone else, and I can always go look through them later when I'm ready, this setting works best for me.  If a revision is added, I like being Uncompleted because:
  • It tells me the Author has added a revision so something should have been fixed.  If I had a defect, I'm told automatically it's time to go check.  If I didn't have this turned on, I'd have to go manually look at the Review to find out whether the Author is ready for me to check his fix for my defect.
  • If I didn't have a defect on the Review but other folks did, then now I have a tiny amount of unnecessary work.  I have to go hit "Complete" again.  However, I can optionally go look at everyone else's defects now if the code is of interest to me.
  • If I had all my Uncomplete settings set to "No", then I'd probably have Authors and Moderators bugging me when I forgot to go manually check for Author fixes for my defects. 

I could optionally leave it set to No for both Uncomplete options, and only go turn on "Uncomplete review if revision is added" when I had actually noted a defect to save that bit of "unnecessary work", but that actually takes a couple of button clicks more than just hitting "Complete" a second time. 

All this said, some folks hate being "Uncompleted".  If you prefer to watch things manually, just set both options to No.  Others prefer to read everything on a review, and may want both Uncomplete options set to Yes. 

As an Author, I also prefer the settings shown.  Most notifications are in bulk so fewer emails.  Uncomplete settings don't apply to Authors, only to Reviewers. 
I usually have a Moderator who takes care of closing the Review, so State Change notification could be set to No, but I like to know when reviews are closed as a Reviewer, so I leave it set to Batch.  But, if I changed this to No my Crucible Review Inbox could tell me the same thing.  As an Author, I'm not required to respond immediately to every defect, so I keep Comment Added on Batch so I can optionally track new comments via email and save the login. I could easily set to this to No to cut down on emails since I have other methods to trigger me to read other Reviewer comments.  Participant Finished is set to Immediate, because as the Author I have replies to post or defects to fix once all my Reviewers have marked the Review Complete.  I can wait until I get a notice for every Reviewer, or I can go respond to each Reviewer as they finish the Review.  I leave General Message set to Batch because I like tracking by email, but this could just as easily be set to No.  I leave File Revision Added set to Immediate because that setting notifies me when I'm a Reviewer that the Author has fixed some defects.
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Remove your mail server, and there will be zero emails because it will have no method to send them.

Administration | Global Settings | Server | Mail Server | Delete config

That would obviously stop all emails from crucible. But that is not what I want. Is there no way to adjust the amount of mails that the server sends?

Not that I've found. The individual user profile settings reduce but won't eliminate emails.

Okay thanks for your input. Do you know if it is possible to change the default settings for all users? So I don't get as many complaints by users. I'm thinking of them opting in to receiving that many mails

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