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Need advice to troubleshoot Crucible/FishEye installation

Greetings all,

I'm sure this is a silly question, but I've installed Crucible 3.7.0 with Fisheye.  Most functionality seems to work, but some links, notably for "http://{root_url}/changelog/{repo_name}?cs={id}" return a 404 "The requested resource cannot be found" error.

I am attempting to trial the software for my engineers and would like to demonstrate the code linking features in Crucible.  Most of the configuration has been straightforward but I'm not able to overcome this problem and I don't see any smoking guns in the logs. 

Can anyone provide any advice on how to proceed?  I can provide additional specifics about my setup.

The only unusual facts that I can think to mention is that I have set an internal base URL with a port number.  Also, I had to install a second trial license.  The repos appear to be keyed to specific license instances, so I recloned and reindexed all of the project repos, but this did not resolve the problem.  I can create reviews and add content from the repos, but clicking on specific revisions with the URL format above do not resolve.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!

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Yeah, all the Commit ID's should be hyperlinks if Fisheye has your commits indexed.  I'm on FE/Cruc 3.6.2 with Subversion 1.8, but there's nothing in the 3.7 release notes about this changing, so I suspect this is a configuration issue.  See screenshot.


(FYI, Your screenshots correctly reflect the Project's "Activity Stream".  "Activity Stream" is a specific JIRA term for a similar "live" activity list, so maybe FE/Cruc instructions name it differently?)

I don't have a web server configured to redirect requests to Fisheye/Crucible.  I also don't have a Proxy. If you do, then I may not have the right answer here. I'd suggest in Administration | Global Settings | Server going with these settings:

  • HTTP Bind    :8060
  • Web context    fisheye  (or Crucible or Mike, just make sure you change Site URL to match)
  • Site URL    http://SERVERNAME:8060/fisheye     (rather than domain name) 

If you really want a base URL that uses your domain as part of the URL, then you may need to submit a Support Request, because documentation isn't very specific.  Pretty sure Atlassian will support a trial license... 

EDIT:  Some days I'm brighter than others.  I went back and used my browser to go to and it resolved correctly as well and allowed me to login and commit IDs in Activity Stream and Crucible reviews were still properly hyperlinked.  Do you have "Web Context" set? 

If yes, other thought would be your Fisheye Repositories connection paths to your SCM.  We use SVN, so your mileage may vary if you are Git/Other.  Make your sure Repositories are connected to the base URL of your SCM Project (i.e., not a specific sublevel like "Development".  Then apply a path for further sub-levels only if necessary.  In most cases, you won't need a path. 

Make sure you understand Symbolic Rules, too.

Tini, thanks for the response!

In answer to your first question, the repo indexers appear to be running because I do see new revisions.  I wasn't sure what you meant by activity feed, but I took two screenshots and attached them.  You may be onto something because the results are suspicious.  The commit IDs are present but some aren't hyperlinked as I'd expect and the one that is hyperlinked points to a 404.  Details in the screenshots.

To your second question, the server is bound to :8060.  I have explicitly set my base URL in the admin to  I can access the site successfully at that URL.  /fisheye, /changelog and /committer result in 404s, but /projects and /cru resolve correctly.  Any suggestions?

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Out of curiosity, are you correctly seeing the commit activity (with revision numbers) in the Fisheye Project "Activity Stream"?  If yes, what happens when you click the revision number there?

Other thought - changing the base URL for my config was recommended since I had JIRA and FE/Cruc co-hosted on the same server.  (Apparently even with Port Numbers in the Base URLs Atlassian doesn't always recognize http://SERVERNAME:8080 and http://SERVERNAME:8060 as unique.)  Does your modified URL omit the port number?  It's unclear from the documentation if that is allowed since their example keeps the port number, so for safety mine is set to http://SERVERNAME:8060/fisheye rather than http://SERVERNAME/fisheye.

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