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Top questions answered from “Atlassian Open DevOps 2022 Product Updates” webinar


Thank you for joining our webinar, A Year in Review: Atlassian Open DevOps 2022 Product Updates. We hope you found the rituals and capabilities we shared valuable. If you missed it, want to share it with your team, or want watch it again - here's the link to watch on-demand.

We’ve compiled the most commonly asked questions, along with our team's answers below.

We know you’re hungry for resources so here’s what we shared during the webinar (with a few extras):


Does Compass work with GitHub on Azure?

Yes, they work well together! See:

What is the difference between Atlas vs. Compass?

Atlas is about managing work. See:   On the other hand, Compass is about managing software:

How can I start using the Code section under Development to keep track pulled request?

The code section will list each pull request associated with a Jira issue in the project. Put Jira issue IDs in branch names and commit messages to make this work.

Will you support AWS AppConfig (a feature flag manager)?

Great news! There is existing support for App Config.  Additionally, here's the Marketplace link for AWS AppConfig:

Is SharePoint or O365 intended to be added to the toolchain integrations?

We have several integrations with Sharepoint and O365 available on our marketplace. See below:

For the meantime, we don't have an official integration built by Atlassian/Microsoft so its not featured on the toolchain page.

Can you link one Jira project with multiple Bitbucket repo?

Yes, you can do that. Once the site is successfully linked new issue links should appear automatically.

Can I integrate a local Git server?

Yes! While you are required to have a Jira Software Cloud instance to access Open DevOps features, your integrations into Jira Software are not required to be deployed in the cloud.

Thank god, thanks for Dark Mode... Q1, please!

We’re just as excited as you are. Hang tight!

What integration support is available out of the box?

See the following link for the full list of Open DevOps integrations, built in collaboration with our partners:

Our official list of integrations are supplemented by our extensive list of integrations built by our Marketplace partners and developers:

How can we request additional improvements in Jira so it better fit for purpose? Example not facilitating the REAL Kanban flow (split columns with intermediate "done"states taking into account respecting the WIP limit).

Appreciate your feedback! If you have additional feedback and suggestions, reach out to us using the “Give feedback” function in the product. All submissions go directly to our product teams.

Anything for Test Management in Open DevOps?

See the following link for test management apps we support: For a detailed walk through on how to interest test management apps to your Jira Software instance, check out this detailed demo:

Are there plans to expose more of the Open DevOps integrations to the Automation features of Jira to allow automated process, as well as integrations with OpsGenie/JSM?

We’re glad to hear you’re interested in more Open DevOps integrations to Jira automations and OpsGenie/JSM. We’ve received this feedback from other users, and we have scoped these integrations support requests into our roadmap.

If we have embedded C (STM32 & ESP-IDF ) Toolchain that we can use on Atlassian toolchain?

Unfortunately, we currently don’t support proprietary toolchains. We appreciate hearing from our users and will pass this feedback along as an area of interest. Thank you!

Could we have more detail on the Jenkins integration? How does Jenkins tells to Jira that dev or prod environment was deployed? has details on the JSW ↔︎ Jenkins integration.

Will the terms 'Fix Version' and 'Release' ever be combined?

We are currently revisiting naming conventions for “release”-related fields within Jira Software, but at this point it likely that these two terms will remain separate.

Is there an integration between Jira and Bitbucket to check that all tickets included in a release are actually present in commit under the release tag / branch in BitBucket ?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support integrations between Jira Software versions and Bitbucket release tags.

Can the release note be generated using the API?

We do not currently expose release note generation via the REST API, but it is publicly available via the Atlassian GraphQL API. We are releasing Progressive Delivery capabilities in the Releases Hub in Feb 2023. Once these features have been fully rolled out and have reached a reasonable level of usage and maturity, we will revisit which APIs we currently expose publicly.

Is it possible to connect release to epics instead of task only?

Yes! Epics, like any other issue type, can be linked to a version in the same way tasks or bugs can be linked to a version. We do not currently support the ability to link all issues in an epic to a given version in a single operation, but it is something that we are exploring in future iterations of the Releases Hub.

Can you relate different versions to each other so you can look back?

You can have multiple versions in a single project, and within those versions have the same issues spanning multiple versions. Unfortunately, we do not support linking versions to one another.


Mayur Jadhav
Community Leader
Community Leader
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May 16, 2023

thank you for sharing this !

Sushant Verma
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
May 24, 2023

Thank you for sharing!

Raymond Toh July 10, 2023

Product Updates show and include enhancement. 

Rama krishna July 12, 2023

Thanks for sharing

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