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Start your upgrade! Bamboo Data Center 9.6 LTS is now available

Hello, Data Center Community,

We’re excited to announce that Bamboo 9.6 is now live as the latest Bamboo Data Center Long Term Support (LTS) release!

Why choose a Long Term Support release

Upgrading to a Long Term Support release provides you with continued access to critical security, stability, data integrity and performance fixes for the full two years before this version reaches its end of life. It enables you to move quickly when a high-impact bug fix, or security fix is ported over and released for upgrading.

What you unlock by updating to this LTS

Bamboo 9.6 brings the familiar security and performance advantages typically associated with LTS releases, plus brand-new functionalities aimed at strengthening security and unlocking new performance benefits.

Check out just a few of the new features now available!

Strengthened security

  • Secure your database credentials with AWS Secrets Manager and HashiCorp Vault: Keep your database credentials even more secure! AWS Secrets Managers allows you to securely store and retrieve your password at runtime. You can also authenticate with Vault using HashiCorp tokens through V2 of the HashiCorp KV Secret Engine or Kubernetes Service Account Tokens. (9.5)
  • Strengthen security with user session invalidation: Invalidate user sessions directly from the administrative settings page or through the REST API. (9.3)

  • Connect to Atlassian cloud products with application tunnels: Securely connect Bamboo with other Atlassian cloud products using application tunnels and eliminate the need to open up your network to incoming connections. (9.3)

  • Safeguard your deployment environments against unapproved releases: Make sure that a bad release never takes down your whole production environment (or never does that again), deployment environments now let you set their release approval policy. (9.4)

  • Boost security with expiring personal access tokens: To further increase the security of personal access tokens, users of Bamboo can now set an automatic expiry date on the tokens they've created. (9.4)

Powerful performance and scalability

  • Gain higher availability with warm standby clustered deployments: Enjoy the upgraded Bamboo clustering architecture with warm standby. Bamboo will now keep all your secondary Data Center nodes running and up-to-date with the primary node at all times, allowing them to take over operations in a matter of seconds. (9.5)
  • Scale with ease using Ephemeral Kubernetes agents: Enjoy on-demand scalability and stronger security by starting each agent in a fresh environment. Use as many agents as needed at a given moment so that you don’t waste computing resources and other costs with idle agents. (9.3)

  • Improve your change detection performance: Use the new change detection algorithm to optimize resource distribution across multiple repositories and prevent thread pool exhaustion issues. (9.3)

Further, to help make Bamboo more accessible for all users, Bamboo 9.6 also includes:

  • Newly added missing ARIA roles

  • New alternative text

  • Labels for page elements

  • Updated legacy components with new, more accessible elements

We understand upgrades can take some planning, so here’s a round-up of resources to help you prepare:

Thanks for being part of our community!

The Bamboo Team



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