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Oops you have made a malformed request

Hello Community,

I am posting here because Atlassian support has been utterly useless with assisting us with this problem.  


When one of my users tries to log in, they consistently get:


Oops, you've made a malformed request.

If you came here from a link we sent you, please contact support.


Moreover, when the user tried to contact support -- guess what -- they require him to log in.  I logged in an filed a support request and just got frustrated with the generic "canned" responses that did not solve our problem.  I have given up on support after a dozen back and forths, where they did not even come close to understanding the problem we are experiencing.


In my research, it seems that people have experienced this error before, but none of their forum posts have a resolution.   Has anyone on this forum run into this, and if so, how did you resolve it?


Any help from the community is appreciated.










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I've experienced the same problem today. After a login attempt I was redirected to "Oops, you've made a malformed request".

In my case, it was just failing in Chrome, but it worked in incognito mode.

I discovered that it was related to this extension and disabling it fixed the problem:


This worked for me, I had the same extension. However, this only happens when I log into my other account and come back to this account or vice versa. I disabled it and it works now.

Just like me. The problem started when I switched between my two accounts.

Same thing for me. If you have a popup blocker, this can be the reason. Disable the plugin, log in and you can re-enable it. 

Thanks mate. Working for me now.

Signed in to give you an upvote. I didn't even know I had poperblocker installed before I checked my extensions.

Popup blocker for chrome was the culprit for me as well, Many thanks.

Considering this issue is quite widespread, Atlassian should acknowledge this issue and inform users to disable browser extensions to fix "malformed request" issues.

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Perfect, I was having the same problem and couldn't figure it out.  Changed my Atlassian password today and couldn't get back in, only in Chrome.  Disabled pop up blocker and I was able to log in.

Thanks, that solved my problem (Y)

I added to the whitelist of the extension and it worked.

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thanks! I didn't know poperblocker was causing this. 

Thanks a lot. It worked for me.....

Thank you so much. Issue resolved in seconds!

Great solution thanks! All good now.. Phew..

Thanks a lot worked for me.

Same question I asked three years ago.  Try again.

Atlassian's auth system is seriously broken!  Thanks so much for the tip about the chrome extension. 

Thanks a lot, that worked for me.

This fixes the issue when I disabled AdBlocker and Popup blocker extensions on Chrome. Thanks for the hint.

Why this is not in their FAQ :(.
Allowing popups, works for me as well.

I got a popup blocker for FF.

Sometimes even FF tends to block annoying popups, so this should definitely be in the FAQ for login.

This absolutely works for me, one of my extension causing the issue

Thanks man, logged in here just to give you an upvote.

worked for me as well thank you

thanks the same problem with me. 

Thanks for posting this, this fixed the issue for me. However, I will add for others - in my case it wasn't an ad blocker, it was another extension called "DNS Checker - SEO and Domain Analysis". 


I think the point is, if you are having this error the fix might involve you disabling one or more extensions until you find the conflict.


Thanks again...

This started happening recently to me in Chrome. I noticed that I could use other browsers or Chrome's incognito mode to get around it, but that was a hassle. Alex's mention of a Chrome extension led me to try disabling my extensions one-by-one, and it turned out to be a uTorrent extension causing the problem.

To disable a Chrome extension, simply right-click it, choose "Manage Extensions," then turn the slider to off.

This fixed it for me as well

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Awesome Thomas, I have a similar plugin called SafeTorrent, and I have turned to off the slider too...Perfect, You are welcome!

Thank you for pointing this out. The uTorrent extension was causing this for me. It was blocking AWS as well. 

i turned off all extensions and it worked. i then logged in and out turning each back on.

FYI,  for me it was  

Safe Torrent Scanner1.1.3.4    webID: aegnopegbbhjeeiganiajffnalhlkkjb
(not even sure where this came from)


This fixed it for me as well

I had the same issue on Chrome and found that disabling the "Google Docs Offline" extension solved the problem.

This fixed it for me as well

Seriously, 3 years + and the best you can do is say "Oops you have made a malformed request" when in reality, for some reason, popup blockers are incompatible with how your authentication works? Is it that "I have made a malformed request" or is it more accurate to say that "you / your auth. algorithm" have made a malformed request, by poor design.

It's actually quite amazing that, when experiencing issues with login - your UI suggests contacting support. However, to contact support you must first log in. Mind. Blown. Also: clever!

Oh and BTW, when you finally do (on a different browser, for example) - you find out that you actually cannot contact support because your team is on a Standard plan. Luckily, the community here worked and was able to suggest disabling popup blockers. I did just that in Chrome, at it finally worked.

I made a little screencast for your team so that you could see what a frustrating UX this is. The very least you could do is improve that "oops" error message to tooltip users to disabling popup blockers; considering especially this has been reported for 3 years, lol.
A slightly more useful thing would be to actually do some technical lift and correct this nonsensical behavior.



P.S: look, I know I sound mean - but I'm just frustrated from not being able to easily log into my work environment and start working. I need to troubleshoot bugs, and to troubleshoot a bug that is a blocker to me being able to troubleshoot my other bugs is just... frustrating...

I hope you take the customer feedback here, and do finally pay back this tech. debt.

I ran into the same problem this week; I contacted support who sent me some email messages and to which I supplied the requested details. It got tossed into the we will have to research it bucket.

I find it a real head scratcher that after 3 years that at a minimum the error report details or KB article hasn't been updated. I sat here repeatedly deleting cookies, cache, and following useless other suggestions only to find this article and fix it in 2 minutes. All your documentation needed was a line that stated: "This error can also be the result of a conflict with an enabled browser extension, please disable browser extensions and try again."

After 3 years to waste this much time on this because you didn't add one line...

I would say this is my one complaint about your tools. They work great, but the documentation is bad. I ran into this when I setup our local Jira Server instance too. There is next to nothing on installing the SSL certificate, the DB connectivity details are out of date based on KB articles later found, documentation references settings there were removed. I finally just moved back to the cloud.

Once again, I appreciate the tools, but this is a weak point....

Really great point.

It's bad enough that this bug persists but that support don't know about browser extension conflicts and nothing on help pages? That's insane.

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What is the url they are using? 

What is the url in the browser when you get the error message (which may not be the one they typed in or clicked on)?

Have you tried a different browser?

Has that user tried a different machine?

Hi Nic,

The URL is the password recovery url they send via email.  The user's password stops working arbitrarily.

Tried multiple browsers, F-Fox, Chrome, Vivaldi -- same results.

Tried multiple machines, Mac and Linux -- same results.



BTW - Thank you for your response!

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Bridget Community Manager Nov 17, 2017

@Babak Pasdar [Administrator], just a few followup questions!

What product is the user using, and is it server/cloud/data center?

Do you perhaps have a proxy that may be mangling the request?


Looking forward to your answer! 

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Why does the password stop working? 

Also, could you give us the url?  Copy and paste it in full from the email, but get rid of the first part  (e.g. if it's then we don't need the  bit)

Hi Bridget, I am using their cloud service.  No proxy.  We have tried on multiple networks and multiple locations.



Sorry to resurrect an old thread, but I hope this can help someone. We recently ran into a similar issue with the "Oops, you've made a malformed request" and found the issue to be with Internet Explorer (IE 11) where someone had added the * domains to IE's Trusted Sites. Once we removed them, the issue went away.

ave given up on support after a dozen back and forths, where they did not even come close to understanding the problem we are experiencing.

turn off the add blocker and try again

Atlassian support is infuriatingly frustrating to deal with. They never solved my problem. I just gave up on them. We are exploring other products for two reasons 1) We pay too much for this level of incompetent customer support which has never solved a single one of the issues we have had. And 2) the UX on the product is out of the twilight zone. It seems their UX people are much more focused on being hip than having a usable product. 


Across the board I get more complaints about Confluence and Jira than any other technology we use. 

Thank you friends. I was facing same issue and it resolved by disabling the Pop blocker extension in chrome browser.

Disabled Pop up blocker for Chrome™ - Poper Blocker and it worked

this did not fix my issue, i can login from incognito mode, but not from regular chrome tab. Tried clearing cache multiple times.

Have you tried disabling Chrome extensions one by one? "Google Docs Offline" was causing the problem for me, some had issues with various pop-up blockers, and one person had issues with uTorrent.

Depending on how many extensions you have installed, it might be faster to turn them all off to see if it works. After that, you'd have to cycle through the extensions to see which one is causing the problem.

Good Luck!

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After 3 years since the first time this problem was reported, this issue still occurs. (on chrome)



- go to extensions, select allow pop-ups (and adblockers if you have any) on the jira site

- clear the cache (and cookies) for browser

- restart browser


Such a simple fix for the jira developers... but hey, at least we have cool new looking features instead of actually, much needed, performance improvements.

Er, no, Jira developers code Jira, they don't write code for Chrome or its plugins, which is where the problem is.

Any software which has the purpose of running on 3rd party platforms has to understand said platform's behavior and integrate its functionalities in order to adapt to the ecosystem that is being exposed to.

Saying that - jira devs only code jira - is the same with saying you don't need airbags on a car because the accident was caused by the tires. 

Jira, being a web app, is dependent on chrome and not vice versa, hence the need to adapt to its constraints in order to help its user (which, ultimately, pays a service/license).

i.e.: user X is having an issue with connecting to his account, user X clicks on contact support, application requires the user to login in order to contact support

A clear example of how to frustrate a user which is already experiencing an issue with a paid software.

Oh, wow, that is so so wrong.

"Jira, being a web app, is dependent on chrome"

No.  No it is not.  I can't begin to explain to you how wrong that is, because I have no idea how you could ever have made such an incorrect leap in logic.

Re-using your car analogy - Jira is a road, Chrome is a car.  You have an accident, and the airbag fails to deploy.  Was it really up to the people who built the road to fix that? 

The problem here is with Chrome (plugins), not Jira.  You can't expect Jira to code for someone else's product.

For those arguing that this is not Atlassian's problem to solve, do you have similar problems logging into other sites because of Chrome extensions?

I do not. Atlassian's authentication is the only one where I have to disable seemingly all of my extensions just to be able to login.

Why does Atlassian have such problems when so many others do not?

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Happened to me as well. 

All of a sudden this morning, certain functionality was missing for me while working in Jira. Admin kept seeing what I wasn't, so they recommended to log out of Jira and close out of Chrome completely. 

I had to reset my password anyway and after logging in with the new password, kept encountering this message. I resorted to using IE 11 (ick) to log in, and I was able to successfully with the missing functionality restored. But since Atlassian doesn't support IE 11, I downloaded Edge (double ick) on the off chance that i wouldn't be able to work in Jira in Chrome anymore. 

When you click on support, it asks you to log in. This makes sense but if you're having authentication issues, what else are we supposed to do (even if IE exhibited the same issue)?

I only have two extensions in Chrome, one, my password manager, I disabled. That didn't work. It turn out I had to allow pop up and redirect. 

Clearing the cache as the error page first recommends didn't do a thing other than clear the cache without change to functionality, such as, you know, logging in successfully. 

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