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Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Aug 26, 2015


is it possible to import yEd diagrams into for further editing (not as jpg or svg or something like that)? Possible export formats of yEd are 

  • graphml
  • graphmlz
  • ygf
  • gml
  • xgmx
  • tgf

Thank you


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We have GraphML and GML importers in the base stack, but have never pulled them in to draw. We'll get someone onto that next week.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Aug 30, 2015

This is great :-) Thank you

Hi, I'm just wondering if there's any progress on this as it would be good to not have to draw things up again and just do a straight import instead?


The first problem here is we have a GraphML importer, but yEd isn't standard GraphML. The second issue is that feature request are done by the vote count at and the item needs more votes to get into the short term todo.

Hi, has this been done yet?

Not yet, it is still on the todo but kept getting high priority items on top on it...

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Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Dec 22, 2015

Hi David,

anything new on this issue? We are really really waiting for these importers. 

Is there a JIRA issue for this where I can register as watcher?

Thank you 


Hi Thomas, The GraphML importer does work, the problem is that yEd isn't standard GraphML and so doesn't import.

Thomas Schlegel Community Champion Dec 22, 2015

Oh, that sounds not so good :-( But thank you for your fast answer about this.

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