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Has Databases been tested with thousands of entries?

Filip Callewaert November 13, 2023

I have use cases in which I get rid of spaces and use databases instead. Then the former "space name" is a field-metadatum. 
But this could generate thousands and thousands of pages. 
Can Databases cope with this? Do databases load conveniently fast then? Do views generate fast? ...

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MF November 17, 2023

@Filip Callewaert 

Maxsize of 1 Database

One of our Testdatabases, which hits the limit, is not usable anymore because of slowness.

Filip Callewaert November 17, 2023

omg... - and there is the possibility to have a field "image" in your database... >> max. 2 entries then?

Filip Callewaert November 17, 2023

Thx, @MF , for guiding me to that content!

Question: how do you know the size of a dbase?

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MF November 15, 2023

The maxsize is 5MB...

Working with a lot of data (long list) gets tough quickly...and doesn´t make fun.

Filip Callewaert November 17, 2023

Hi @MF ! Thx for the input! 
maxsize of what > one dbase? one entry?
The presumed slowness could be a real no-go then...

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