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Request for feedback & interviews: Shape the future of Sharing in Confluence

Hello community members!

I’m Nidhi, Sr. Product Manager on the Confluence team. Over the years, Confluence has adapted its capabilities to foster more collaboration and engagement amongst our users. But we know there is room to grow!

Help shape the future of Sharing in Confluence

What capabilities would you wish in Confluence to help you collaborate better with your team?

Specifically, among the below functionalities, which would you say is the top one that you and your team would benefit from:

  • scheduled share: allows you to share a page at a specified future time
  • ability to lock down or share specific parts within a page
  • combined sharing and access management
  • share within social like Share in Slack

I would love to meet and hear your thoughts if you are open to it! Schedule some time via this link:



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Nathan Sharratt August 7, 2023

ability to lock down or share specific parts within a page

This would be our biggest need, then we can use the same knowledge library articles to be both internal and customer-facing.

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Sara Tucker August 8, 2023

+1 on ability to lock down / share specific parts within a page!!


Use cases that are coming to mind: 

  • Meeting notes where you want to restrict parts of the notes to leaders or specific team members 
  • Project info/notes that you want to limit visibility on before sharing with the full team
  • Policy information that you want to restrict to the internal policy management team
  • Process differences for different teams/groups - being able to restrict parts of a page for the teams that have process differences and not have to create a separate page that loses the context of the primary page 
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Rick Westbrock August 14, 2023

The ability to lock down or share specific parts within a page would be number one for us.

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Muhamed Harshad August 16, 2023

This helps people to avoid fake community thoughts and help to share our knowledge and ideas to make difference in the society. 

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