Custom fields — who's keen?

The quick version; I'm looking for people who'd like early access to our upcoming custom fields feature. Let me know in the comments if you're interested.



Compass already has multiple features for adding data about your components. You can add links to the details page, including an open ended "Other links" section, labels give you a way of adding arbitrary strings (you can search on them too!) plus we have Events and Metrics which let you blend in more ephemeral data. Lastly we have the Swiss Army knife option of building a Forge plugin, which is likely simpler than you think.

All good and well, but sometimes you just want to capture something, across all of your components, in a structured and prompted way. Maybe you need all of your dev teams to confirm which of their services are SOC2 compliant? It sounds like you need a custom field.

So that's what we're building!

Nifty, what do I get?

We're splitting delivery into a few chunks, but here's the mud map:

  1. Add new custom fields to all components via API and have them be available on the component details page for teams to populate
  2. Build out the creation & management experience in the front end
  3. Join up custom fields with search, with scorecard criteria and with Forge apps



For Stage 1 I'm looking for a few early adopters — you'll be able to dazzle your team with all manner of extra fields! Comment below if you'd like to get involved, or just share your thoughts on how custom fields would help your team.

By the time we reach Stage 2 we plan to open the feature to everyone. 🎉

— Andrew


PS We're always up for a chat, reach out to me on Calendly (or if my Sydney timezone doesn't suit, we have team members around the planet, we can accommodate!)

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Vilius Zigmantas February 28, 2022

Hello, this sounds interesting and promising. Currently available fields indeed are a bit limited and lack support for dates (e.g. accepted into service date which when set could trigger a chain of automated events to enable monitoring, tracking, etc.), for people fields (e.g. besides the owner team there might be other teams and people covering various operational and management aspects). 

Would be interested to try this one out, please sign me up.

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