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Compass Communique: September 2022

Hello Compass Community,

This month we’re making it easy to document your APIs with performance improvements to Swagger and demonstrating how to get your components, tools, and data into Compass in under 7 minutes. Plus, find out how you can build apps for Compass and win big, and inspire others by sharing your Compass experience.

Demystify your APIs with the upgraded Swagger UI app

The Swagger UI app allows you to document and view pertinent API details within Compass, enriching your catalog with useful information about how to use your components. Better still, it’s getting a major upgrade with faster load times and support for Swagger files up to 15MB. That’s enough to support whatever API you can throw at it.

Upgrade your Swagger UI app today.

Demo: Get up and running with Compass in 7 minutes


We’ve been working hard to streamline the journey of importing your first component through to assessing the health of your distributed software architecture. To that end, we put our head of product, Taylor Pechacek, to the test to see how quickly he could get things up and running. From integrations, dependencies, scorecards and more, watch as Taylor puts Compass through its paces and sets everything up in a matter of minutes.

Watch the demo

Extend Compass and win with Codegeist

Compass was built with publicly-listed APIs so that crafting a developer experience that met your exact needs was incredibly easy, leveraging Atlassian’s serverless app development platform called Forge. Now there’s even more incentive to extend Compass by participating in Codegeist, Atlassian’s annual hackathon. With $300,000 in prizes on the line, there’s never been a better time to jump in.

Ready to win? Learn more and sign-up today.

Share your Compass story and inspire others

The Community wants to know how you use Compass, and we want to share your story. Tell us how Compass helps you to improve your team’s developer experience and improve your distributed architecture and we may feature your story on the Community. We’ll randomly select participants to win swag as a show of thanks!

Share how you’re using Compass

Looking ahead…

That’s all for September, but October is sure to be full of Compass treats 🎃 - from incident management improvements to scorecards unleashed. Be sure to stay tuned!


Ben Wozniak September 30, 2022

The demo was very insightful for the direction Compass is headed. Out of curiosity, is there anything in the works to add Azure DevOps to the source code provider list? Setting up components manually is incredibly tedious, especially the deployment events and service metrics. After seeing how powerful the tool becomes when you integrate with source control, I'm afraid we probably will slow down on our evaluation of Compass until we can experience working with source control.



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Dave Parrish _Atlassian_
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 30, 2022

Hey @Ben Wozniak 👋 Great to hear that you see the potential in Compass, especially when it's connected to source control. We do intend to add support for Azure DevOps in the future, and you're not the first person who's asked! Out of curiosity, are you using it for build/test/deploy as well as source control?

Ben Wozniak September 30, 2022

Yes we use it for all of those things. That's nice to hear it's in the big picture. I am guessing there is no estimated timeline at this point based on the wording.

Dave Parrish _Atlassian_
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
September 30, 2022

@Ben Wozniak No timeline yet :) But I've made a note of your interest and will keep you posted when dates get more definite. In the meantime, if you'd ever like to chat live about Compass and share more of how it could be valuable for your team, please feel free to book a slot on my calendar:


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