Compass Communique: July 2022

Hello Friends of Compass!

Summer holidays are in full swing but Compass beta isn’t slowing down. We’ve got new features like announcement emails and support for multiple Bitbucket workspaces, plus opportunities to share your ideas and influence the future of Compass.


If a change falls in the forest…

Compass announcements have always stayed within the app, but here’s a change you’ll enjoy: announcements now email affected teams. Like before, announcements will automatically follow the downstream dependency graph and figure out who needs to know. But unlike before, you no longer have to remind people to check Compass for important messages.


Buckets for all your bits with multiple workspaces

Compass now supports multiple Bitbucket workspaces, allowing you to connect multiple repos as components and view unified metric data - all within the same Compass site. Check it out in the Community.



Watch what happens when…

Compass now has a watching feature, which lets you watch Components and receive notifications when the owning team has changed - super useful for making sure you’re aware who owns what service or library. We’re looking into adding more notifications based on watched Components, so reply to this post with ideas and what you want to see next.

Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 2.46.51 PM.png


Changed your mind? Component types don’t mind

Component types are key to organizing your Compass catalog. We shipped a small but impactful change to help you in this quest: you can now change the type of a Compass component after the component is created. Changing a component’s type also changes the Custom Fields and Scorecards that are associated with that specific type, but don’t worry - your data is saved so you can freely experiment with your Compass catalog and change your mind at any time without consequence.

Head over to the Community to learn more. Happy cataloging!

change type.png


Make beta better - share your ideas and be rewarded!

Join the Compass Research Group and help us build the future of Compass! Atlassian is committed to Compass and your feedback will help us shape it into something that you and your team will love to use. How you participate will be different every time, but you’ll get all the details in advance and you can change your mind or unsubscribe at any time.

What’s in it for you?

🎈Thank you gifts, such as e-gift cards, swag, and other fun surprises

 📣 Inside scoop from Atlassian: hear what we’re working on

💬 Connect directly with Atlassian product development teams

The ability to influence and improve Compass

Join the Compass Research Group today!


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