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NatWest Group Atlassian Community Event - October 28th

On October 28, 2022, the NatWest Group Atlassian Community Event was hosted.  Two speakers spoke during the session:
  • The use of Jira and Confluence in an Agile Feature Team was covered by the first speaker.
  • The next speaker contrasted GitLab and JIRA.
The speaker talked about how we utilize Jira to estimate anticipated deliverables six weeks in advance. Additionally, how simple it is to build filters that verify the User Stories have the proper labels, and how we utilize Confluence to generate relevant, self-updating, real-time reports from Jira that give both the Feature Team and other stakeholders valuable summaries. Another speaker discussed the contrasts between the two tools (GitLab and JIRA) in terms of managing task items. He discussed his experiences with their usability, ease of use, customizability, and other characteristics. They demonstrated all the material using screen sharing.

Focus area of the session was:
  • Use of JIRA in an Agile Feature Team
  • Meaningful reports in JIRA
  • How to manage planned Deliverables?
  • Difference between GitLab vs JIRA
  • Easiness to work with both tools
  • Customized filters and Dashboards
  • Usability of JIRA and GitLab

During the session, many questions were asked by the community members:
  • How can reports be created in Confluence directly instead of JIRA?
  • What is the purpose of having reported in Confluence?
  • Is GitLab available in NatWest?
  • How can we request for GitLab project?
  • How to choose between JIRA and GitLab?
  • How to create meaningful dashboards in JIRA?
  • Usage of velocity report in JIRA
  • Story point estimation in JIRA
The Atlassian community recognized a select group of users for their thoughtful questions during the session, for which the host selected them.

All of the audience members' questions were addressed by the speaker, which was very helpful to them. The community's members should be able to:
  • recognize the strength and advantages of combining Jira and Confluence for Sprint planning to deliver precise and succinct information;
  • have a better grasp of how to evaluate the products for their work item management stack.
In addition, Speakers received rewards for giving of their precious time to this session.




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