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Building a rock-solid mentality

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Hello all!

Monday is back, along with a new CUG discussion from yours truly. Since Sept 13 marks Positive Thinking Day, why not talk about our mental health?

Whether you directly host CUG events or just attend the occasional get-together, life keeps throwing new challenges at us every day! High-performing athletes like Serena Williams, Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods all recognized the value of a clear mind, but turns out that's just as important in our day-to-day work.

How do you preserve your mental health and stay on top of life? When things seem overwhelming or like they're too much to handle, how do you get back to square one? I'll go first in the comments!

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Luke Hostetler September 12, 2022

Whenever I'm facing a choice and I can't seem to make up my mind, I usually end up going on a run. I'll increase the pace or the distance and usually come back feeling like I've hit the reset button.

Some other ways I keep a positive outlook are by calling old friends or family members. I also love meeting cats, anywhere and everywhere I can. Here are a couple of friends I've made over the past couple of weeks:

 PXL_20220911_025035260.NIGHT (1).jpgPXL_20220830_022649031 (1).jpg

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