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Git.exe not found by Bitbucket installer, but that's not the problem!!!

Carlos R. Rodriguez March 19, 2021


First time posting here.

Just installed PostgreSQL 11.11.1, Jira 8.13.4, Confluence 7.4.7. and Git 2.30.2. on Windows 10 on a new server class machine.  All these are working fine.

On trying to install Bitbucket 7.10.1 next, wasted about a day yesterday trying to diagnose the error "Unable to find Git! Please install Git before installing Bitbucket".  That is the error presented by the GUI when I attempt the install by double click on the installer.  I did a lot of research, Git is there, installed properly, is on the path, machine rebooted, etc.  That is not the problem.

Running out of ideas, I decided to run the installer from the command line and surprise, surprise, see pic below.  The installer is actually finding the git.exe program, in two places, but it is ignoring it because "it is world-writable and could be exploited".  Really???  Why not present that little fact on the GUI error message?

I even tried to install Bitbucket 7.11.1. in case the problem was on the previous installer but it it not, same thing happened with 7.11.1.

I followed and re-reviewed the Atlassian procedure to install Bitbucket and its Git prerequisite and I don't think I missed anything.  By the way, this installation is on a small network with no Internet access, internal use only.

Any ideas? 

Your help will be appreciated.

    Carlos R. Rodriguez



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Francisco Zarabozo February 21, 2022

I got this problem. Using chmod didn't resolve it. I had to edit permissions on the git installation folder to disable inheritance and add full access to SYSTEM and Administrators only. After that, it worked.

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Carlos R. Rodriguez April 8, 2021

I have to say that I am disappointed with this forum.  Did not receive even one answer or suggestion to my request for assistance.  Do Atlassian folks read these???

After working on the problem for days, I found the solution myself.  The solution was to remove access rights from the Git cmd and bin folders.

Again, the Bitbucket installer is not presenting the correct feedback to the user when it fails in this situation.  I did not find any information regarding the actual problem of the git.exe being ignored, and of course no recommendations to resolve that issue.

kavish mehta September 6, 2021

Hey Carlos,

I am currently facing the same issue.

Could you please elaborate more on what specific access rights must be removed and it would really helpful if you could provide some video link/ document on how to do that for windows10.

John Elson April 21, 2023


Re: ERROR "it is world-writable and could be exploited"


I confirmed the findings of Carlos.

I removed the window USERS group from the BIN and CMD folders, (sub-folders of GIT) and the install proceeds sucessfully.



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