remote: Invalid username or password.

compiux August 7, 2018


OS: Win 10 Home

ST Version:


I logged into BitBucket with my google account.

Added a new App Password and copied it

Downloaded SourceTree

I went to [Tools > Options > Authentication]

I used these parameters:

- Hosting Service: BitBucket

- Host URL:

- Protocol: HTTPS

- Authentication: Basic

- Typed Username and Refreshed password and the window says "Authentication OK"

- Created my repository and pushed some changes. All was good

Today (36 hours later) I tried to pull/push and BAM! invalid username or password. All I did was to turn off the computer and turn it on. Didn't even log into BitBucket during those 36 hours. 

I tried basic authentication with an App Password and OAuth (refreshing the token) and in the window everything seems cool... but as soon as I try to do something... "invalid username or password". Heck, I can even see my google avatar inside Sourcetree but as soon as I to to do a pull/push I get the error.

I clic the "Remote" button and it opens a <default browser> and takes me to my repository without any issue.

On the left menu, under "TAGS", inside "REMOTES" I see my *origin*, I clic it and I see all the files inside it.

Still, I can't do anything.

Any help would be much appreciated, been hours trying to solve this and I can't even understand how is it possible that I was able to push the new files in one computer, pull them in another... and a day later, I can't a thing. 

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compiux August 8, 2018


I tried something new. I deleted my local repository and tried to download it again. I entered my credentials and used OAut authentication method. 

It says my password is ok, it detects my git repository on bitbucket, it acknowledges my linked account... and when I try to clone it, it asks the password and no matter how many times I write it, it does not work. 

What gives?

Everything on Sourcetree says the connection to the remote server is perfectly set but as soon as I try to pull, I get the endless login window.


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