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Why bitbucket team changing my account icon to rainbow.

From time to time, my bitbucket icon changes color to a rainbow. What is their point of doing that and why they choosing to promote that group only? 


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It seems you understand the point of it: Atlassian is an avid advocate of equality and during pride month publically change icons in some locations.

Atlassian promotes many groups and causes and they are extremely vocal about it. They have their 1% Pledge program encouraging corporate philanthropy.

So, it seems both of your questions have easy answers. They change their logos in support of the LGBT population and they don't promote that group only.

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Bother, I can't +1 that.

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From what i see, the only time bitbucket change the icon is for that specific group. What kind of support are you talking about? is there a problem with that population that require different support/promotion than other groups? 

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I don't keep up-to-date on what easter eggs Atlassian has in their products. I'm sure this isn't the sole, solitary easter egg that Atlassian has. Feel free to read Atlassian's stance: I am sure they do a better job of describing than I can.

By support, I mean they are publically allying with any individual that is part of the LGBT population. There is hardly a tangible 'group' here. LGBT's make up a portion of the worlds population and receive less rights than other individuals in the world. Atlassian is saying they don't think that's right and they support equality for all.

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"LGBT" is not a "population", but a political movement funded by objectionable elites that are currently being rejected by... well, half the world. 

It is disgracefuly that Atlassian falls so low. There's no way to consider this as not controversial in 2017. 

I'm advocating more and more for Gitlab - as a last resource (if they too decide to piss off people) you can migrate everything to your on-premises instance and customize the code as much as you want.

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How incredibly sad. You demote LGBT individuals like myself because ... We're funded by objectionable elites? Wow, I hope I see some of that funding sometime! 

This is hardly controversial. Look at Microsoft, Target, Apple: All of these organizations are inclusive of all people groups, including those who identify as LGBT.

Gitlab is also inclusive: You'll have a hard time finding software companies that aren't:

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Steven, the tone of your response proves my point - highly controversial. 

Related to funding, I find interesting that you ignore the fact that those political organizations are profusely funded by objectionable elites. That is common knowledge nowadays. Your comment sugests that either, you're not an insider from one of those lobby organizations, i.e. just a supporter, or you completely ignores how it works.

Related to Gitlab, you're pointing to an issue opened by an organizer, who proposes attending to different events organized by 7 differents organizations, one of them part of the LGBT lobby. They are not changing their logo (yet).

As I said before, the day that they decide pissing off people with any controversial action, people still can download the opensource code and install by themselves, for free.

When you talk about Microsoft, and other major companies, you're mixing up two differnt things. One thing is their support for identity and quota policies, and other thing is their support for the LGBT (political) movement itself. Both things very controversial and related, and present in many big companies, but different. This topic here is not about that, it's about pissing off people with direct promotion of a particular political movement. 

In other words. People is not interested in how do you hire and organize people, or if you apply or not quotas inside your comapny, but it's very controversial for many people, your promotion (not only support) of a particular political movement/lobby, over others that are completely opposite or not opposite but equally important.

The tone of my comment proves your point? My tone proves that it's controversial? That is rubbish and you know it. You're taking what you want out of what I said, rather than taking it at face value.

Please, source ANY of the garbage you've decided to spew on our lovely forum. I'd love the chance to rip your lies apart in front of you.

  • What "LGBT Political Organization" do you speak of?
  • Where is this common knowledge that of the questionable elites you speak of?
  • Microsoft, Apple, and Target, ALL of my examples, have ALL shown rainbow colored logos: Are you completely unaware of this?

Your last paragraph is completely broken english and I cannot decipher it.

Steven, the tone of your answer proves my point - highly controversial.

Is your last comment "language-shaming"? I feel very sorry for not being born in an english speaking country. I'm sorry, I promess not to do it again.

You don't need to take a passive/defensive tone here. I was simply explaining that I couldn't respond to the last paragraph.

I also couldn't help but notice your complete disinterest in proving or sourcing a single thing you said.

Why are you so angry Steven? Do you feel disagreement with your points are akin to hate?

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That post is from one year ago... I can assure you I am not angry  but I also don't appreciate the bait.

Thr person I was talking with still provided no sourcing for any points he made 

My intention wasn't to bait. I was just reading the thread and your responsive seemed emotional. Maybe I was wrong. Have a great day :)

I certainly do feel strongly about it. I have a serious habit of speaking very cut and dry, and I've heard that I seem 'strong willed' or 'emotional' in written communication before -- It's something I am trying to improve.

And I sincerely hope you do as well. 

It's really cool that github celebrates the Noahanic Covenent!

Genesis 8:20 Noah built an altar to the Lord. He then took some of every kind of clean animal and clean bird and offered burnt offerings on the altar. 21 And the Lord smelled the soothing aroma and said to himself, “I will never again curse the ground because of humankind, even though the inclination of their minds is evil from childhood on. I will never again destroy everything that lives, as I have just done. 22 “While the earth continues to exist, planting time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night will not cease.”

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Is this even an issue ? LOL

Because we live in a land of hate and confusion. :( 

@Steven Behnke Don't worry - this world is a blend of everything, good and bad, big and small, light and dark.

Live for yourself not for others ;-) .

I wish Atlassian would do the same. Celebrating gay pride is very exclusionary and offensive to our growing Fundamental Muslim population. 

Why do you think it's exclusionary?

Atlassian is forcing their beliefs on a huge segment of the population who fundamentally do not believe in same sex relationships. 

What if Atlassian celebrated Westboro Baptist for a month and the gay community had to log on and see Westboro iconography, etc. for a month?

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This isn't about 'fundamentally believing in same-sex relationships', now is it? It's about supporting a people group that is downtrodden. 

I think the difference between Westboro Baptist church and 'the gay community' is that one group is a hate group that advocates death to the other group, wheras 'the gay community' is simply trying to live their life.

Pride month is specifically to provide support against discrimination and violence toward lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people. Not to support same-sex relationships. That seems like a big difference to me. Although you were the one who compared it to Westboro Baptist 'church'.

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Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 19, 2018

@Johnny Cardwell The Atlassian Community is a place of inclusion, for LGBTQ people, for Muslims, for Christians, for atheists, for cisgender and transgender folks, for everyone. We don't support hate or hate groups, and we treat each other with kindness and respect, per our community guidelines. 

Westboro Baptist is a hate group. So, you know, the opposite of all that. 

You give specificity to a group and then force Bitbucket users to view the graphic. Why not make it optional? Why not promote awareness to other groups with other graphics. Why this specific group, and then generalize the reasoning to be inclusion of acceptance of all groups to combat hate? Seems unprofessional to me and not in line with your intended message. Your audience's perception is what matters, not what you perceive. That's what translates over to a business and financial decision. You will undoubtedly lose money over this decision, based on what is perceived. 

I have banks that changed their logo for the Pride month - I belong to an organization that not only accept but participated in LGBTQ Parade

I have several friends from the community. I see everything absolutely right . I don't  know what is amiss here - it's the same God that created us all ( well if he exists - that a different point altogether :p )

And gosh, it's just an icon - minimum that Atlassian could do to express solidarity.

Thank God - Atlassian is run by sane minds, probably that's why you guys have more responsibility on your shoulders, everything happens for good.

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I was just using Westboro as an illustration of how a fundamentalist Muslim might feel when seeing a symbol that represents something very counter to their beliefs.

Maybe a better example would have been a Chick-fil-A logo. My point is the gay community doesn't want to see that and maybe most muslim people don't want to see the pride symbol. 

Shouldn't we respect Fundamentalist Muslims? They're not a hate group. 

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And outside of hating gay people for being gay, they are welcome here  

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@Steven Behnke  Cheers to life :-) 

If you have UBlock origin, you can setup a custom rule set to block the image, same with the other Ad Blockers. Not ideal, but no other option. 

Totally inappropriate business decision on Atlassian's part.

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I found it annoying too! I used a css filter on Adblock[fill="url(#gradient-rainbow)"]
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I wonder why it's just on Bitbucket and not Jira or Confluence?

Thank you for the snippet!

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 19, 2018

@Ram S thanks for the workaround!

Thanks for the workaround.

You can also download UBlock Origins > Dashboards > My Filters

Paste this:[fill="url(#gradient-rainbow)"]

Wonder why they chose to make it ugly like that, the plain blue was better.
Bad design decision I guess.

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Thanks for the snippet of code! FIXED.

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 19, 2018

@Navyn Rajoo it's just for Pride month (the month of June), not a permanent change. But glad you found a workaround anyway.

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 19, 2018

One comment removed and I am locking this thread since:

1. We have a workaround for those who would like one, and

2. Making derogatory comments about LGBTQ people is not okay in this community, ever. In case I was in any way unclear. 

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