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Homepage "pull-requests-to-review" incomplete. Pull-request view doesn't have filters.

Mastermindzh October 12, 2021

Hey all,

We've been using the homepage's "pull-requests-ro-review" section for a good while now. But noticed it recently changed it's behavior. It now seems limited to just 10 items.

As you can see on the screenshot I have 10 items displayed and no filters applied:


If I do apply the "needs my review" filter at the top the first row disappears and I am left with 9.

When taking a look at "all pull requests" with the default filter of "Reviewing" we can clearly see that I have many more prs to review:


This wouldn't be such a problem if we could simply have the same filters on this page that we have on the homepage (e.g failed builds, needs my review and all tasks resolved).

So with that I basically have 3 things I want to find out:

  1. Was this change intentional? It's been "broken" for over 2 weeks now.
  2. Can we get the filters from home on the "all-pull-request" view as well?
  3. How is the community working around this? I now have to look at a teeny tiny green check-mark to see whether I approved it or not and going to a PR requires me to hit an equally minuscule link tag with the PR number (instead of any text in the row)

Thanks in advance!

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Jean Canazzi March 1, 2022

We have the exact same problem in my team, I'm surprised it's not even a hot topic. It strongly impacts our productivity as we simply "can't see" what needs to be reviewed.

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Mastermindzh March 2, 2022

Agreed, I don't get why people don't notice this either.
It's part of our workflow as well :)

Jean Canazzi March 2, 2022

Turns out they are aware of it and even have a dedicated ticket, that we can upvote:

Mastermindzh March 2, 2022

Thanks @Jean Canazzi

I've voted on the issue! Let's hope they pick it up soon.


The new UI experience doesn't seem to fix it either.


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