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RSVP: Levente Szabo, Midori: Keep Confluence up-to-date with content lifecycle rules

Joerg Mueller-Kindt June 24, 2020

This is the 18th  of our Monday Night Specials, a series of virtual events with voices from the Atlassian ecosystem.

On August 3rd Levente Szabo from Midori Global will tell us how to Keep Confluence up-to-date with content lifecycle rules. 

Details and RSVP here: 


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Joerg Mueller-Kindt August 6, 2020

Answers to open questions from that Webinar: 

Q: Can I create notification emails by space?

A: Notification emails for outdated, not-viewed, and archived pages can include multiple spaces. Sending out separate emails per space would mean an unnecessary flood of email for users, who have responsibilities in multiple spaces. So it's not supported outright. If you want to communicate different content for spaces, what you can do is modify the email templates with if statements. You can set up the content to be structured by space, so "if X space then show X content" and so on. This would still be one email, but content inside it is organized by space.


Q: Can one node in a Data Center instance function as a dedicated instance for archive content?

A: Per Atlassian's Data Center architecture philosophy, every node in a DC instance should be equal. That's because if one node fails, theoretically any other node should be able to take its place. So in Better Content Archiving's case, using one node just to store the archive content of the Confluence instance would not even be technically doable, but would be an antipattern as well.


Q: Custom page owner feature is coming to Better Content Archiving. Will I be able to select groups as page owners?

A: There will most definitely be a way to add multiple users as page owners. Maybe it won't be using groups, but there will be a way to do it.

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