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Moving on: Switching to virtual - planning for brighter days.

Joerg Mueller-Kindt March 25, 2020

On a personal note: Take the blue pill

COVID-19 has hit Europe hard and our various governments have unpacked emergency powers from cold-war storage, which we all want to see going away sooner rather than later. Not only, because they are inconvenient and you can’t lay your hand on a decent avocado toast, but because they negate the foundation of our open societies and they are utterly un- and even anti-democratic.

We tolerate and support them as citizens, because they are necessary to keep a virus from spreading that threatens the foundations of our daily life in a much more serious way than the current state of emergency.

The fastest way to get back to normal is to do everything possible to help avoid it spreading faster and the best way to help with that is currently to take the blue pill and STAY AT HOME AND AVOID CLOSE CONTACT as much as possible until we see the number of new cases go way down.

Spare a thought for those who cannot stay at home like those who keep logistics and infrastructure up and running and the people who take care of the sick and keep the hospitals open. Spare a thought for your neighbors in high-risk groups, who need your help, because they must shelter in place.

Nobody can tell right now, how long this state of emergency will continue, but to repeat it again: To a very large degree it depends on our behavior.

Official information about Corona prevention in Germany, Berlin and Brandenburg

in Berlin:

in Brandenburg:

Robert Koch Institut:

Moving on: Switching to virtual.

We promised you that we would not go away and hide and so we are switching to virtual for at least the next two months.

We do not like the phrase “social distancing” very much, because we actually need social cohesion now more than ever while we keep a physical distance.


So we will not meet in-person, but our schedule still stands and being in the Matrix has its perks (even the steaks are juicy and totally vegan, sort of :-) )

We are turning this challenge into an opportunity and are currently organizing a number of virtual events with folks we always wanted to have in our meetings but who were prevented by distance and/or logistics so far.

We will post the schedule here and in

Planning ahead for brighter Days

We are planning ahead for brighter days and assuming that the lockdown will have ended by the end of May and we can all meet on May 28th for a first beer. 

So stay tuned, stay healthy, keep others healthy and above all: Do not forget to enjoy life.

All the best

Hubert & Joerg




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