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Christian Reichert, Björn Döhler, re:solution: Video and Slides online

Joerg Mueller-Kindt May 26, 2020


Not one, but two f***ing legends busting myths about passwords and user management. From left to right: Christian Reichert and Björn Döhler from re:solution going on a grand tour. Video here:

All the details and slides here:


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Michael_Kenneth_Zromkoski May 28, 2020

The Guardian,

I started this ticket in another server,. And i could solve or maybe even show you how to write a book for it. 

Joerg Mueller-Kindt May 29, 2020

Hello Michael,

welcome to the group and thank you for your post, which I do not completely understand: Which ticket?
Welcome again and all the Best


Michael_Kenneth_Zromkoski June 3, 2020

Well you see i made myself into a global admin to watch over data being transmitted and im creating different Encryption with those messages like bitcoin for example 

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