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YAML specs on different branches

MaciejInf August 29, 2023

Dear Support,


I use YAML specs in my project where on the `main` branch I have the core CI/CD implementation of the build plan.

Currently, I need to update the implementation on a new feature branch where I added the code:

- feature/MYTASK-1:
- Init:
- Custom-create-docker
custom-create-docker: !include "plans/build/jobs/custom-create-docker.yaml"
variables: *variables
repositories: *repositories
labels: *labels
notifications: *notifications

At the beginning it worked, the main branch was using its configuration and my feature branch MYTASK-1 was using this configuration above. At some point, I noticed that the main branch overtook the configuration from my feature branch, even I did not touch anything besides this code snipped.

After scanning the repository the import of XML was successful, the main branch still had the wrong configuration from my feature branch.

I even deleted locally and remotely my feature branch and I set back the main branch as the default branch, and it did not solve the issue. The configuration is taken from the non-existing feature branch - so it looks like the configuration cannot be updated anymore.

It happened twice, the first time I had 3 spaces (1 unnecessary space as indention in 3 different lines) and this broke the whole CI/CD in the project.

This time I did not merge anything to the main branch, but it happened again.

I noticed that scanning the YAML specs in the repositories is successful but in the build history I don't see anymore the entry: 'Specs configuration updated'.

It looks like I can easily break the branch plan configuration across branches just by putting unnecessary whitespaces/indentions and Bamboo claims that the XML file is correct. And it breaks the configuration that is not touched. Even the whole feature branch has been deleted, and I set the previous working configuration on the main branch, it is still broken.

Are you aware of such a bug with 'branch-overrides' ?

Atlassian Bamboo version 9.2.4 build 90203 - 26 Jul 23

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