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Why is disabling jobs not sufficient?

iron.werther May 25, 2018



Our Starter license seems to have more jobs than allowed. PostgreSQL describes:


  project_key   |  project_title   |      plan_or_branch_title      | master_or_branch_plan |   plan_full_key    |  stage_name   |      job_full_key       |  job_name   


 MUCCOMMON      | muc-common       | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | MUCCOMMON-DEF      | Default Stage | MUCCOMMON-DEF-JOB1      | Default Job

 NEXT           | NEXT             | backoffice test                | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXT-BONGTEST      | Default Stage | NEXT-BONGTEST-JOB1      | Default Job

 NEXT           | NEXT             | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXT-DEF           | Default Stage | NEXT-DEF-JOB1           | Default Job

 NEXT           | NEXT             | Deploy                         | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXT-DEP           | Default Stage | NEXT-DEP-JOB1           | Default Job

 NEXT           | NEXT             | next-adapter-book-service-test | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXT-NABST         | Default Stage | NEXT-NABST-JOB1         | Default Job

 NEXTTESTCLIENT | next-test-client | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXTTESTCLIENT-DEF | Default Stage | NEXTTESTCLIENT-DEF-JOB1 | Default Job

 NEXTWSAPI      | next-ws-api      | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | NEXTWSAPI-DEF      | Default Stage | NEXTWSAPI-DEF-JOB1      | Default Job

 NLOG           | NEXT Logging     | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | NLOG-DEF           | Default Stage | NLOG-DEF-JOB1           | Default Job

 NLOG           | NEXT Logging     | Nightly Build                  | MASTER_PLAN           | NLOG-NIGHTLY       | Default Stage | NLOG-NIGHTLY-JOB1       | Default Job

 WWEB           | webmiles website | Default                        | MASTER_PLAN           | WWEB-DEF           | Default Stage | WWEB-DEF-JOB1           | Default Job

 WWEB           | webmiles website | Docker Website Default         | MASTER_PLAN           | WWEB-DWD           | Default Stage | WWEB-DWD-JOB1           | Default Job

 WWEB           | webmiles website | HOURLY                         | MASTER_PLAN           | WWEB-HOU           | Default Stage | WWEB-HOU-TEST           | Test



I thought disabling would be enough, but I am obviously wrong. Why? How can I save or archive a job before I have to delete it?




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Robert W
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
May 30, 2018



If you wish to keep the configuration of the plan, you can export the plans 'specs'.  


Bamboo Specs


If you wish to keep the build results for these builds you can export your entire configuration. 

Bamboo - Export data for backup

Peter Dyballa June 8, 2018

Hello Robert!


I tried to solve our problem with "specs" but cannot find in Bamboo 6.4.1 a "specs" interface or whatever is needed to use "specs." There is also no "specs" add-on that Bamboo is able to find. I do not understand this thing. And I also do not understand why switching off plans or jobs is not enough.


But OK, if Bamboo will not work again, I'll simply switch it off and save some money.





Robert W
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
June 8, 2018


I apologize that I was not clear enough in my first response.

To view a plan's specs configuration, please do the following:

  • Select the plan who's configuration you'd like to save
  • Actions -> modify plan
  • Actions -> view plan as Java specs

'Specs' is Bamboo's capability of having its configuration stored as code.  If you have a 'bamboo-specs' repository, you can design and edit your build plans entirely in the code.


The following tutorial is a good starting point for learning Specs in Bamboo.

tutorial: create a simple plan with bamboo specs

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